Honor Guard appreciated

I had occasion to visit with my long time good friend, Chauncey Bates, at a wedding reception last weekend in Lincoln and it occurred to me that it was 11 years ago this week that my dad, Bill, died and was buried at a military funeral at Fort McPherson.  Chauncey along with Jim Hecox, Steve Hecox, Loren Koch, Cliff Geiken, Roger Wahlgren and others to whom I apologize for leaving out here, served as members of the military Honor Guard that day of the funeral.

I just wanted to acknowledge and thank them again. It’s all volunteer and I know these guys are busy farming and whatever.  Many people volunteer for various activities and causes and it’s all good.  But it is especially important to a grieving family to have the Honor Guard present at a military funeral. It really means a lot.

So if you see any of the Honor Guard members thank them or buy them a cup of coffee or a beer sometime. Their military and public service continues on even if they have been officially discharged from the military.”