Family planning means abortions

In 1970, President Nixon signed Title X of the Public Health Service Act into law. It created a federal program for family planning services. Nixon said, “No American woman should be denied access to family planning assistance....”

What did liberals consider family planning assistance? That would be abortion. They quickly mobilized on this law. By the early 1980s, hundreds of millions of dollars per year in federal and state funding were feeding over 5,000 “family planning service” sites. We have shoveled billions of dollars into the program since 1980.

These family planning service sites are run by Planned Parenthood. Who is Planned Parenthood? They are “back alley abortionists” with a front door. Young women “still make poor choices out of desperation” by going to these places, where they are counseled into believing that abortion is their only option. It’s the “acceptable option,” because that’s where the money is. Planned Parenthood also provides contraceptives and publishes the sales of same, as abortions that were prevented. These people are insidious.

George Tiller, the famous abortionist who was murdered last year, made a killing in the business (60,000 x $5,000). He had liberal supporters like former Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. Sebelius is now secretary of Health and Human Services in the administration of “the most pro-abortion president in American history.”

That president’s new health care law provides little incentive for the creation of new medical doctors (actually stifles it), but it does provide additional billions in funding that could be used to hire Tiller’s replacements. I wouldn’t say libs get a “thrill” out of participation in murder. I’ll just call it dedication.

I agree with Penny Fattig’s “relationship revolution” and the need to better communicate with our children concerning lifestyle choices. It was nice to see her write about people taking personal responsibility. It’s hard to imagine anyone being enthusiastic about abortion.

I’m not claiming that the average liberal citizen is on an abortion cheering squad. When writing about liberalism, for the most part I am targeting politicians. They express their views through their vote. But, whose votes keep them in office?

There can be debate on how best to solve this “societal” problem, but there can be no denying that government forced the issue and exacerbated the problem.

Republicans failed to take advantage of a four-year majority during the Bush administration, when it may have been possible to make some roll-backs. I don’t remember any such effort. However, it was liberals who opened the shops where the “butchers” work. They are the ones who vote ever increasing funding and they continue to vote down any opposition that Republicans do introduce.

There hasn’t been any “cutting off the wrong end of the snake.” There hasn’t been any cutting off an end of the snake whatsoever. It is alive and well. Government is the snake and liberalism is the head of the snake. As in the violation of our freedoms, disguised as health care reform, American citizens are being forced to feed the snake.