Corn crop forecast shrinks from 2011

Based on Nov. 1 conditions, Nebraska’s corn crop is forecast at 1.27 billion bushels, down 2% from last month and 17% below last year, according to USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, Nebraska Field Office.

Yield is forecast at 139 bushels per acre, down 3 bushels from last month and 21 bushels below last year. Acres to be harvested for grain, at 9.15 million, are 5% less than a year ago.

Soybean production is forecast at 203 million bushels, unchanged from last month but 22% below last year. Yield is forecast at 41 bushels per acre, unchanged from last month and the lowest since 2003.

Sorghum production is forecast at 4.02 million bushels, up 16% from last month, but still 39% below a year ago and the smallest since 1953. Yield is forecast at 67 bushels per acre, up 9 bushels from the previous month but 27 bushels below last year.

Sugarbeet production, at 1.38 million tons, is up 7% from 2011. Potato production is forecast at 9.8 million hundredweight, up 25% from a year ago.