MRSA cuts Miller’s state wrestling debut short

Children’s Hospital doctors monitored his condition regularly for two days.

When Jayden Miller found out he couldn’t continue wrestling at the state tournament Feb. 21-22 he said he was bummed.

It wasn’t because his attempt to improve his skill all year—wrestling for a Central Nebraska Road Warriors team and competing at summer camps-—didn’t pay off.

He wasn’t cleared to wrestle Friday, Feb. 21, because of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a type of staph infection, in his right eye and face.

After his first match on Thursday, Miller went to Bergan Mercy Medical Center where doctors told his parents he most likely had a staph infection.

Around midnight Feb. 20 Miller’s mother, Heather, said he was in a lot of pain.

Miller was admitted into Omaha’s Children’s Hospital & Medical Center.

Heather said after a computed tomography, or CT scan, he was diagnosed with a staph infection in his right eye, forehead and temple.

“As a parent, that’s the scariest thing I’ve gone through,” Heather said.

Jayden said doctors told him he needed to stay for multiple days so they could monitor his condition.

His right eye was swollen shut and the infection spread into his left eye before it started to reduce late Friday.

On Feb. 22 Jayden was confined to his room while the finals matches played on his room television.

He said that when the tournament concluded there was no point in being mad he couldn’t wrestle.

“There wasn’t anything I could do about it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Heather said doctors didn’t release him until 7 p.m. Feb. 22 when he could keep his right eye open.

Jayden stayed home Monday, Feb. 24, as a large amount of swelling had been reduced to a small area by his right eye.

“When he rolled his eye or looked around he could see where the swelling was and feel some pressure,” Heather said.

Miller returned to school Tuesday, Feb. 25.

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