Eagle electrocuted

Juvenile Bird: Steve Breuer and his granddaughter, 15-year-old Makayla Linnemeyer, are pictured with a young bald eagle Breuer found in his cornfield 18 miles northeast of Gothenburg. Breuer said it appeared the bird touched a Custer Public Power District power line and was electrocuted sometime during the last week of March. As the eagle died, Breuer said the bird’s talons contracted around the line and the carcass hung upside down. Upon first glance, Breuer said he thought the bird was a CPPD employee who’d been electrocuted but on closer view discovered it was a bald eagle. The wind then blew the bird to the ground. Breuer estimated the bird’s wing span to be almost seven feet long and said it weighed about 14 pounds. A CPPD representative picked up the bird to give to federal officials since it’s illegal to possess a bald eagle or any parts without a special federal or state permit.