County moves forward with road projects

LEXINGTON—In a continuing effort to get caught up on long overdue road resurfacing projects, Dawson County commissioners took a leap of faith on June 1.

During their regular bimonthly meeting on June 1, county board members let bids for two asphalt projects—15 miles from Overton to Sumner on Road 444 and 10 miles on 13th Street outside Lexington.

County highway administrator Pat Nichols said while the county has been saving money for roads projects for a couple of years, there is nowhere near the $4.5 million necessary to cover the cost of both.

Nichols said there is also no state or federal money available right now.

Commissioners have other plans, though.

During their May 1 meeting, the county board discussed issuing bonds to cover roads projects. The process would allow the county to take advantage of current low prices while paying off the cost over a longer period of time.

Bonds may be ready for consideration by the board June 15.

With that in mind, board members approved a resolution to move the Overton/Sumner project from the six-year plan to the one-year plan so it can be done now.

They also awarded the project to low bidder Paulsen Inc. of Cozad for $2,692,941, which is much lower than the engineer’s estimated cost of $2,955,983.

Other bids came from Werner Construction in Hastings and Western Engineering of North Platte.

The project is slated to be complete in October.

The board also awarded the bid for the county’s 10-mile stretch of 13th Street to Paulsen for $1,655,182.

Nichols said the cost will be covered by money already in county accounts and work will begin this summer.

In other business, commissioners received a request from Delbert Pearson of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles for a 30-foot by 100-foot paved area of land to conduct motorcycle license testing.

The board referred Pearson to the City of Lexington.

Finally, commissioners received six requests for conservation easements between Central Platte Natural Resources and Dawson County landowners. All were referred to the zoning commission.

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