Local kids win dance awards

Several students from the Gothenburg Dance Centre who competed in the Showbiz Dance Competition in Denver on April 8-11 brought home awards.

Cloggers who performed a duet “5, 6 ,7, 8”—Emma Jorgenson and Courtney Melvin—won first place.

Jorgenson, along with fellow cloggers Emma Ackerman and Elise Ackerman and Courtney Maline, received first in another clogging dance—“2 Step ’n.”

Taking first-place in a hip-hop dance “Fire Burn’ in” were Allison Nichols, Tessa Oliver, Ainsley Rickertsen and Maline.

Winning second place in a hip-hop dance “Jump” were Keely Lecher, Grace Aden, Jorgenson, Emma Ackerman and Elise Ackerman.

Tina Turner-Melvin, who owns the dance studio, said participants performed on the stage of the Buell Theatre in Denver.

“Every dancer came off stage saying, ‘I want to do that again,’ ” Melvin said.