Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Family planning means abortions

In 1970, President Nixon signed Title X of the Public Health Service Act into law. It created a federal program for family planning services. Nixon said, “No American woman should be denied access to family planning assistance....”

What did liberals consider family planning assistance? That would be abortion. They quickly mobilized on this law. By the early 1980s, hundreds of millions of dollars per year in federal and state funding were feeding over 5,000 “family planning service” sites. We have shoveled billions of dollars into the program since 1980.

These family planning service sites are run by Planned Parenthood. Who is Planned Parenthood? They are “back alley abortionists” with a front door. Young women “still make poor choices out of desperation” by going to these places, where they are counseled into believing that abortion is their only option. It’s the “acceptable option,” because that’s where the money is. Planned Parenthood also provides contraceptives and publishes the sales of same, as abortions that were prevented. These people are insidious.

George Tiller, the famous abortionist who was murdered last year, made a killing in the business (60,000 x $5,000). He had liberal supporters like former Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. Sebelius is now secretary of Health and Human Services in the administration of “the most pro-abortion president in American history.”

That president’s new health care law provides little incentive for the creation of new medical doctors (actually stifles it), but it does provide additional billions in funding that could be used to hire Tiller’s replacements. I wouldn’t say libs get a “thrill” out of participation in murder. I’ll just call it dedication.

I agree with Penny Fattig’s “relationship revolution” and the need to better communicate with our children concerning lifestyle choices. It was nice to see her write about people taking personal responsibility. It’s hard to imagine anyone being enthusiastic about abortion.

I’m not claiming that the average liberal citizen is on an abortion cheering squad. When writing about liberalism, for the most part I am targeting politicians. They express their views through their vote. But, whose votes keep them in office?

There can be debate on how best to solve this “societal” problem, but there can be no denying that government forced the issue and exacerbated the problem.

Republicans failed to take advantage of a four-year majority during the Bush administration, when it may have been possible to make some roll-backs. I don’t remember any such effort. However, it was liberals who opened the shops where the “butchers” work. They are the ones who vote ever increasing funding and they continue to vote down any opposition that Republicans do introduce.

There hasn’t been any “cutting off the wrong end of the snake.” There hasn’t been any cutting off an end of the snake whatsoever. It is alive and well. Government is the snake and liberalism is the head of the snake. As in the violation of our freedoms, disguised as health care reform, American citizens are being forced to feed the snake.


Reiber best man for the job

In recent weeks we have sat back and watched the race for Dawson County sheriff. We have known each of the candidates who are running for a number of years and are extremely saddened at the way the other candidates are running their campaign. It appears accusations and statements are being made that are not correct. In one candidate’s political ad he makes comments about the “changes” he is going to bring to the Sheriff’s Office.

The candidate states he will bring back the D.A.R.E. program and school resource officers. What the candidate is not telling you is that the Lexington Public School system discontinued the D.A.R.E. program because they could no longer fit it into their schedules.

When the sheriff’s office lost partial funding for D.A.R.E., the schools were asked if they would be willing to help with the costs of the program. They did not have the funding. It was decided to have deputies available to go into the schools and hold educational classes and work in a proactive capacity (school resource officer). Deputies frequently put on presentations to the schools.

The candidate states he will initiate safety and security plans for the citizens. Sheriff Reiber and his deputies give presentations throughout the year to the general public.

The candidate states he will bring an open door policy to the sheriff’s office. Sheriff Reiber has always had an open door policy.

The candidate states he will aggressively investigate and enforce drug activity. Dawson County Sheriff’s Office is a member of the C.O.D.E. Task Force. The investigators continue to work with this task force to aggressively investigate and curtail drug activity within the county. On April 29 they assisted in the arrest and apprehension of six individuals in the Lexington area after a two-year investigation.

Both candidates have made comments that investigations/drug investigations are the weakest area of the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office. With the loss of the C.O.D.E. funds, the loss of two investigator positions and the initiation of Drug Court, the investigators have taken on a role of assisting in surveillance, intelligence gathering, warrant service, etc. The investigators also handle death calls, child abuse, sexual assaults, burglaries/thefts and make themselves available to all Dawson County law enforcement agencies and the six counties served by S.C.A.L.E.S.

It appears through these comments, one candidate is trying to re-invent the wheel. He is going to try to take credit for things that are already taking place and working great.

Sheriff Reiber continues to run his campaign in a positive manner, refusing to make negative comments/statements about the candidates. Sheriff Reiber has proven himself to be the best choice for sheriff, with the last 16 years as proof. You can tell the type of man he is, by how he runs his campaign—positive. Looking for the best in everyone.

Sheriff Reiber is the best man for the job, the best man for the county and the best man for his employees.



Don’t let D.A.R.E. be only issue

Don’t let D.A.R.E. be the only issue to decide the Dawson County Sheriff position.

Contrary to what Cheri Ziebell and Matt Weiss wrote about in Saturday’s Letter to the Editor, Sheriff Gary Reiber is not the one who decided to discontinue the D.A.R.E. program in Dawson County. Sheriff Gary Reiber wanted to continue the program. The decision ultimately came from the Dawson County Commissioners as a budget decision and because a lack of interest in the schools during Mr. Eisenhower’s (Lexington School’s Superintendent) term. Many of our country schools were closing at the time, budgets were affected and D.A.R.E. had run it’s course. The current administration at that time felt that the Health teachers would be able to expand upon drug resistance instruction in their health curriculum.

Discontinuing D.A.R.E. did not and will not stop Sheriff Gary Reiber from making sure that the children in Dawson County have the tools, information and instruction they need to make good choices in their lives. He makes himself available to the Dawson county schools upon request.

Gary is a friend to the youth in Dawson county both professionally and personally as he is: an instructor for Hunter Education, he supports Optimist Youth Soccer & Baseball, he Supports & Participates in Operation Santa Claus, he supports Parent Child Center, supports Project Extra Mile to Prevent Underage Drinking, he supports Club 180, Supervises Student Intern Law Enforcement Program and High School Job Shadow/Ride Along Program, supports K-9 Outreach in schools and businesses, gives Drug awareness talks upon request, supports ‘Hands Are For Helping Not Hurting’ program, helps with D.A.D. Career Fairs for High School and Job Shadowing, Pre-School Bike Safety Program and is a board member of F.A.N. - Family Advocacy Network (children of Violent Crimes).

One thing we do agree on regarding the last letter to the editor is how important it is to carefully consider the candidates and to vote for the best one for the ENTIRE job, not just ONE issue.

Gary Reiber has done an excellent job as our sheriff which includes managing a budget of which he has been successful in seeking out ways to run it more efficiently; He has a great working relationship with other county law enforcement agencies which allows the Dawson Co. Law Enforcement Center to take in inmates from other counties to help county revenue.

Sheriff Reiber has a soft spot in his heart for Dawson County Senior Citizens also. For years he has devoted his time and resources to promote a sense of security and well being for his senior friends in Dawson County. He was instrumental in helping Lexington citizens initiate T.R.I.A.D. and made long lasting friendships at that time. Gary is also a Senior Defensive Driving Instructor, Dawson Co. Crime Stoppers Board Member and presents Scam Education & Prevention Programs at the Senior Centers in the county.

Sheriff Reiber is level headed and not quick to anger allowing for clear decision making.

His military career and subsequent law enforcement career since gives him the solid experience which is so important in a Sheriff. He supervises over 60 employees and has a good working rapport with them.

When considering who to vote for on May 11th for Sheriff of Dawson County, please consider the ENTIRE job and the most qualified for it. Gary Reiber is the only candidate with the successful and proven experience to do this job. He is respected, reliable and has gotten results in Dawson County. We vote to have him continue serving and protecting the citizens of Dawson County.


Schwarz supports DARE

As the primary election draws near, it is important for us to remember that many of our local elected officials will be decided upon this May. As taxpayers, it’s important for all of us to take a look at what has transpired over the past four years and decide if we are satisfied with the direction our elected officials are taking us.

One very important area of concern is in regards to our local youth and drug/violence prevention programs in our county schools.

During the past several years, we have seen our county DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program go from one of the top-rated programs in the state of Nebraska to its current state of non-existence. The current administration at the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office has “dropped the ball” by allowing this successful local program to just disappear.

Don’t believe those who claim that the program is either outdated, too expensive or ineffective. If any of that was true, why would law enforcement agencies like the Gosper County Sheriff’s Office (Elwood) join in with over 220 other communities who have started a new DARE program within the past three years?

In fact, this year alone, millions of school children around the world will benefit from DARE, the highly acclaimed program that gives kids the skills they need to avoid involvement in drugs, gangs and violence. In addition, the students also have the opportunity to interact with local law enforcement in a very positive, non-threatening environment.

If you’re still unsure about the effectiveness of the DARE curriculum, please seek out one of the many fifth or sixth grade teachers who have hosted the DARE program in their classroom and ask them for their opinion. Or ask one of the thousands of former DARE students, high school role models, parents, grandparents and family members who have participated in our local program.

Paul Schwarz is the only candidate for the Dawson County Sheriff position who has shown an interest in bringing back a positive law enforcement presence into our local schools. After contacting both of us individually shortly after he announced that he was running for sheriff, Paul asked for our opinions, insight and what it would take to reestablish the DARE program in Dawson County. We have both known Paul Schwarz for a number of years and believe that if he is elected, Paul will step up to the challenge, lead the sheriff’s office forward and reestablish this valuable program in our county.

Please join us by voting on May 11 for Paul Schwarz, Dawson County Sheriff. “A Sheriff of the people, for the people.”

Cheri Ziebell, Cozad, Dawson County DARE Officer 2003-2007

Matt Weiss, Gothenburg, Dawson County DARE Officer 1996-2002, Nebraska DARE Training Staff 1997-2002


Ag Fest 2010 draws a crowd

It was great to see the enthusiastic reception given to “Ag Fest 2010” held in Dawson and Custer counties. This activity drew more than 758 fourth and fifth graders, their teachers and sponsors. The “Agricultural Community” should appreciate the strong interest school administrators, teachers, and students have in learning more about their industry. Thanks to them for taking time out of school schedules to attend.

Another pat on the back goes to those ag producers, commodity groups, media, agribusinesses, and FFA groups that contributed to and were on hand to tell the amazing story of American agriculture. It is a story of a lifestyle and business that has an ag producer working for 19¢ of every food dollar to produce food for 155 people. These stewards of the environment strive year after trying year to provide each of us with the most abundant, wholesome and safest food supply possible ... and they succeed.

As Extension workers, we appreciate everyone’s cooperation on “Ag Fest 2010”; and believe, that with all the help we received, our goal of educating young people on the impact of Nebraska Agriculture was met.

We applaud others taking on similar challenges and look forward to the next Ag Fest.

Dawson County Extension, Andrea Nisley, Bruce Treffer, Dawn Schroeder

Custer County Extension, Colleen Peterson, Troy Walz, Jessye Goertz



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