Monday, June 25, 2018
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Productive ideas needed

I thought it quite cute the way Neil Davis copied the typos to a “T” in my last letter which refuted his ideas suggesting our country is becoming a totalitarian government. I can’t help it that the editor couldn’t read my handwriting (LOL).

Neil’s arguments against Social Security were almost convincing except that...idealistically, that would be great if people would or could save enough money for their retirement or pay for their own disability insurance, but realistically, this probably would not happen.

Most of us are “insurance poor” as it is, and when we were young and should have started a retirement account, that was the farthest thing from most of our minds. Just getting the critical bills paid was a struggle. Or if we could have, would we have invested wisely and successfully or would we have been tempted to do like our government has and borrow our own retirement funds?

I agree that grants may be over extended but most do stimulate the economy...carpenters are hired, materials, fuel, equipment, food, etc. are bought.

I just wish our two parties would get past the hate and hype and work together to figure out how to take care of those IOU’s and the rest of our country’s problems.

Our system may not be perfect but I don’t know where I would rather live. What would be the perfect system? Maybe next week we will see those ideas in the paper and we could send them on to President Obama—he says that he wants productive ideas and not just criticism.