Friday, June 22, 2018
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Little Free Library started in Brady

Brady residents showed up for a celebration Monday for two poets who arrived to start a Little Free Library.

The poets, Maya Stein and Amy Tingle, are riding 1,400 miles through the Heartland writing free poems and building Little Free Libraries.

They were treated to a luncheon at Maureen’s Kitchen which was hosted by the Brady Library Committee and sponsored by the Gothenburg State Bank Brady Branch.

Village clerk Pam Diehl said the women wrote poems and encouraged children at the event to write their own.

Stein wrote a poem about Brady which follows:


This is how it goes:

I said to her, even before we left home, that Brady was the place I was

looking forward to the most. When she asked me why, I said I didn’t know,

that it was just a feeling. Like the kind you get when you know summer’s

around the corner, or the cookies are almost done, or the game is in your

favor or a poem is on your tongue.

Like something on the verge of blooming.

Like possibility. A feeling like that.