Sunday, June 24, 2018
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A whole lotta twins lived on Avenue G

A story about four sets of twins living on Avenue G prompted one reader to tell us there are more.

After reading about twin toddlers in the June 4 issue of The Times, retired teacher Kathy Nichols said she started thinking about other twins she knew about that had lived on Avenue G or a block or two over.

“I thought to myself that there’s been a lot of twins who had grown up on or near Avenue G,” Nichols said. “It’s strange and there may be more.”

Even a pattern emerges, she said.

Generally speaking, boys have lived on the northern end of the avenue, boy/girl sets in the middle with more girl twins toward the southern end of the street.

Boy twins include:

Craig and Carl Streeter (parents Lloyd and Delores Streeter). The Streeters have three sets of twins in their extended family.

Pat and Mike Stutsman (parents Clyde and Betty)

Kevin and Kirk Schwanz (parents Dick and Jackie Schwanz)

Dirk and Kirk Felker (parents Sharon and Jerry Felker), a block east of Ave. G

Dillon and Branndon McMichael (parents Greg and Sherri McMichael)

Schuyler and Tyson Schwanz (parents Robert Schwanz and Roxanne Johnson), one house east of Avenue G

Boy/girl twins include:

Vincent and Allison Nichols (parents Bart and Angie Nichols)

Brad and Brenda Hensey twins (parents Gary and Carol Hensey)

David and Dena Ronnekamp (parents Vern and Lydia Ronnekamp)

Girl twin include:

Judi and Jane Brooks (parents Marvin and Audrey Brooks)

Jill and Josie Clymer (parents Bruce and Lori Clymer), a block west of Avenue G on Avenue F.