Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Kids’ essays about mothers chosen as winners

Six winners were named in the “If I Could Grant My Mom One Wish, It Would Be...” essay contest.

The annual contest is sponsored by the Gothenburg Chamber of Commerce Retail/Promotion Committee.

Winning entries included:

First grade—Ian Ackerman who wrote about his mom, Carmen Ackerman.

“I would give my mom a vacation to Chicago. First we would go to a Bears game. Next we would see the city. Last we would see where The Great Chicago Fire started. That’s the wish I would grant my mom.”

Second grade—Ashlyn Richeson, who wrote about her mom Angie Richeson.

“I want you and your friends to go to Hawaii. And I want my mom to have a life cause she has too much on her life. And I wish my mom could have a maid. And to have my mom to live to 100 years old.”

Third grade—Chloe Daharsh about her mom, Cressy Daharsh.

“To get a bigger house with more space. I would make my sister try not to fight with me anymore. I would take her to the biggest Rick Springfield concert ever. Since my mom does everything for me, I would do those things for her. I would make money, buy her clothes, clean the house, (definitely her room), and give her all the love I have from her. My mom needs that stuff and she needs a break—all moms do! And when I am doing that stuff, she would be the one on the iPad, computers, on her phone, watching TV and playing video games. I love you mom! Happy Mother’s Day Moms!

Fourth grade—Wayne Locklin, who wrote about his mom, Jackie Widick.

“A great long life, because I love her so much I don’t know what I’d do without her. She loves me. She is the greatest person I know. When I fall down she helps me up, she is very trustworthy never ever lies to me. She’ll never trade me for anything and I’ll never trade her for anything in the world. No matter how many times she yells I still love her and she still loves me. If I am sad or mad she will cheer me up. I love her more than anything in the whole wide world. She’s helped me through rough times. She’s been there my whole life.

Fifth grade—Dewley Brown about his mom, Sunshine Brown.

“If I could grant my mom one wish it would be a trip to a WWE Wrestle mania. I would grant my mom this wish for several reasons. My first reason is that my mom is upset with WWE. The next reason is so my mom could get an autograph by her favorite wrestler John Cena. The final reason is that she has only been to one WWE Match and I want her to go to at least two matches. If you don’t know by now I will break the news my mom is a freak about WWE.

Sixth grade—Tessa Oliver, who wrote about her mom, Kathy Oliver.

“Clean the house for her. My mom gets really picky when it comes to cleaning the house. She thinks our house is a mess, but that is just her opinion. I think she likes it to be just perfect. I would grant my mom this wish, because she cooks most of the time for the family. She always thinks of someone else before herself. Also, she puts family members first. Usually, my mom goes to work then comes home, to what she calls, the pit. I think my Mother’s day present for her will be cleaning the house. While I do that, I will also make her feel relaxed. She shouldn’t have to move a muscle, unless she wants to. I would do a lot of work, if I wanted to make the house as cleans as she wants it to be. I love her too much to not do the work for her, even though I don’t like cleaning.”

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