Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Awards numerous at district music contest

Groups chosen as outstanding performances

Three musical groups from Gothenburg High School were chosen as outstanding performances by judges at the District Music Contest in Grant on April 25.

Those performances are the entry the judges think was the best they heard that day, according to GHS music teacher Ernie Blecha.

They included:

An instrumental ensemble of Iziekial Brian, Talbot Buchholz, Trenton Long, Remmy Rocha.

Men’s double octet of Matthew Bruntz, Dylan France, Marcus Fritton, Hayden Hubbard, Jason Jobman, Nathan Jobman, Alex Jorgenson, Drake Langley, Dominic Long, Connor McCoy, Myles Mendell, Caleb Rice, Chad Schmiett, Skyler Schwanz, Tyson Schwanz, Gage Taylor who sang “Remember My Song.”

Women’s triple sextet of Courtney Brown, Paula Cardenas, Abigail Cary, Carlin Daharsh, Jessica Habe, Kyndal Holmes, Shelby Mannel, Abbie Mazour, Brittany Melvin, Brooke Morton, Taylor Mroczek, Crystal Pedersen, Betsy Potter, Rachel Rice, Bailey Rickertsen, Shaylee Scott, Kayla Trevino, Ashley Wilkerson which also earned an honorable mention for “Taylor, the Latte Boy.”

The mixed chorus received a superior plus for “Be Still, And Know That I Am God,” “I Will Arise” and Omnia Sol.”

GHS’s band received an excellent rating.


Other band ratings include: Superior—Rachel Rice, Holly McPheeters, Jessica Boehle, flute solos; Trenton Long, trombone solo; Kaelyn Young, clarinet solo;

Excellent—Alex Meyer, bass clarient solo; Roman Schmidt, tuba solo; Sidney Sell, trumpet solo; Remmy Rocha, alto saxophone solo

Good—Sydney Pride, clarinet solo


Choral ratings include:

Small groups

Superior plus—Women’s chorus, “Inscription of Hope”

Superior—11th and 12th grade men’s double quartet, Jacob Franzen, Jett Seimer, Tyler Baker, Rhett Lindholm, Curtis Andres, Brett Mann, Archer Jensen, Eric Linnemeyer, “Can He Could He Would He?”

Superior—12th grade triple mixed sextet, Brooke Morton, Kaleigh Holley, Dalcy Pfeiffer, Taylor Mroczek, Jessica Habe, Carlin Daharsh, Shelby Mannel, Bailey Rickertsen, Crystal Pedersen, Kayla Trevino, Courtney Brown, Ashley Wilkerson, Jett Seimer, Rhett Lindholm, Brett Mann, Joe Darling, Curtis Andres, Eric Linnemeyer, “A Distant Shore”

Superior—Men’s chorus, Jacob Franzen, Jason Jobman, Nathan Jobman, Drake Langley, Dominic Long, Connor McCoy, Jett Seimer, Hayden Hubbard, Tyler Baker, Cole Crisman, Joe Darling, Dylan France, Rhett Lindholm, Brett Mann, Tyson Schwanz, Myles Mendell, Gage Taylor, Curtis Andres, Matthew Bruntz, Marcus Fritton, Caleb Rice, Chad Schmiett, Skyler Schwanz, Archer Jensen, Eric Linnemeyer, Jayden Miller, Brennan Spencer, Aaron Kreusecher, Alex Jorgenson, “Tell My Father”

Superior—11th grade mixed triple trio, Bailey Meyer, Holly McPheeters, Shelby Loostrom, Alayna Collins, Haley Cline, Kerry Wellmann, Jacob Franzen, Tyler Baker, Archer Jensen, “There Will Come Soft Rains”

Superior—11th girls double sextet, Bailey Meyer, Holly McPheeters, Martina Mayers, Haley Meyers, Kendra Manning, Haile Pentheny, Britney Hicken, Sydney Pride, Kerry Wellmann, Alayna Collins, Haley Cline, Shelby Loostrom, “Something Told The Wild Geese”

Superior—10th grade girls triple sextet, Madison Gilg, Lauren Andres, Sydney Gruber, Kendra Humphrey, Courtney Melvin, Kim Whiting, Emily Keiser, Jenny Maline, Bailey Morton, Leslie Seitsinger, Alyssa Johnson, Blayr McMichael, Shae Brown, Maddy Good, Keely Lecher, Morgan Cardenas,Haley Juarez, Cynthia Gonzales, “Riversong.”

Superior—10th men’s triple quartet, Hayden Hubbard, Connor McCoy, Drake Langley, Tyson Schwanz, Dylan France, Gage Taylor, Alex Jorgenson, Chad Schmiett, Matt Bruntz, Caleb Rice, Skyler Schwanz, Marcus Fritton, “This Old Hammer”

Superior—Ninth and 10th grade men’s double octet, Dominic Long, Nathan Jobman, Jason Jobman, Hayden Hubbard, Drake Langley, Dylan France, Connor McCoy, Tyson Schwanz, Myles Mendell, Alex Jorgenson, Gage Taylor, Marcus Fritton, Chad Schmiett, Caleb Rice, Skyler Schwanz, Matt Bruntz, “Remember My Song”

Excellent—Ninth grade double sextet, Sarah Habe, Kasey Wellmann, Morgan Miller, Emma Ackerman, McKenna Peterson, Taylor Rossell, Keisha Glendening, Jessie Rudolph, Dominic Long, Jason Jobman, Nathan Jobman, Myles Mendell, “Like a Trumpet”

Duets and solos

Superior—Boys duet, Brett Mann and Drake Langley, “ Poor Wayfaring Stranger;” mixed duet, Caleb Rice and Rachel Rice, “Benedictus;” solo, Alayna Collins, “Arise, My Love And Come Away;” solo Jacob Franzen, “ My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose”

Excellent—Solo, Betsy Potter, “Shooting Star”