Monday, June 25, 2018
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Stiff competition tough for Swedes at home invite

Kottwitz, Miller earn champion medals.

Head coach of Gothenburg’s wrestling team Tom Scott was confident the Swedes would compete for a championship at Gothenburg’s Invite Friday.

With the teams present, he said he thought Gothenburg could go 4-1 against the competition but instead the Swedes finished in fourth place with a 2-3 team record.

Reality set in after just one dual in where the Swedes fell to eventual champion Sargent/Burwell 57-18.

“They were by far the best team there,” Scott said. “We would’ve had to get some upset wins in that dual to beat them,” Scott said.

The Swedes then faced district opponent Broken Bow and got a big win at the 106-pound weight class, Scott said, but fell to the Indians 45-24.

He added the Swedes didn’t wrestle up to potential.

“We struggled against them in that dual,” Scott said. “We didn’t compete well as a team.”

However, Jayden Miller won his match by sudden victory after tying the score as the final second expired.

It took Gothenburg one more dual to find a winning solution. The Swedes lost a 37-30 match against Ainsworth.

Gothenburg suffered two big point swings, Scott said, when he had wrestlers winning their match before getting pinned.

“That’s a nine-point swing,” Scott said.

After three duals, there was an intermission before the final two duals.

A spark was lit under the Swedes, Scott said, as Gothenburg wrestled much better to win its final two matches.

“If we wrestled all our matches like we did the final two, we could have been 4-1, I think,” Scott said.

Gothenburg beat second-place finisher High Plains 52-24 in its fourth dual of the day and finished the invite with a 44-26 victory over the Irish of North Platte St. Patrick.

“Our guys got off the bottom better in those matches,” Scott said. “They got escapes and reversals.”

Although the Swedes finished with a 2-3 team record, some Gothenburg wrestlers accomplished their first medals: Talbot Buchholz, Seth Pertiner and Tyler Miller, each third.

Skyler Kottwitz and Jayden Miller were champions going undefeated in their respective weight classes while Tyler Alvarez finished in a three-way tie for first place.

Bryce Larson was awarded a second-place medal while Tyson Miller earned a third-place medal.

Gothenburg will prepare for a dual in Hershey Thursday at 7 p.m. by conditioning and competing in practice.

“We will condition heavy early this week and work with guys getting off the bottom in their matches,” Scott said. “We must create competition in practice and get something similar to being in a match.


Sargent/Burwell 57 Gothenburg 18

Broken Bow 45 Gothenburg 24

Ainsworth 37 Gothenburg 30

Gothenburg 52 High Plains 24

Gothenburg 44 N.P. St. Patrick 26


106—Bryce Larson pinned Shad Simpson (Sargent/Burwell), 2:34; won 6-2 decision over Clayton Glendy (Broken Bow); lost 14-4 major decision to Dominic Henry (Ainsworth); won unopposed; won 19-4 technical fall over Cody Weaver (N.P. St. Pats).

126—Tyler Alvarez won 5-0 decision over Jesse Sandoz (Sargent/Burwell); pinned Ty Baker (Broken Bow), 1:48; was pinned by Wyatt Killion (Ainsworth), 5:28; won 18-3 technical fall over Bryce Wilhusen (High Plains); won 5-0 decision over Aaron Allison (N.P. St. Pats).

132—Talbot Buchholz was pinned by Evan Gideon (Sargent/Burwell), 1:32; pinned Blake Leverington (Broken Bow), 2:00; lost 12-7 decision to Dwaine McDaniel (Ainsworth); pinned Josh Hogan (High Plains), 4:57; lost 9-6 decision to Kameron Jordan (N.P. St. Pats).

138—Wyatt Anderson was pinned by Chett Hinton (Sargent/Burwell), 5:22; was pinned by Chase Govier (Broken Bow), 4:39; was pinned by Trey Thornburg (Ainsworth), 3:42; was pinned by Cale Bolton (High Plains), 2:28; was pinned by Matthew Ferguson (N.P. St. Pats), 1:11.

145—Seth Portiner was pinned by Kale Gideon (Sargent/Burwell), 1:38; was pinned by Justin French (Broken Bow), 2:56; won unopposed; pinned Kris Kelley (High Plains), 0:21; was pinned by Nick Wright (N.P. St. Pats), 4:31.

152—Jayden Miller pinned Tori Huffman (Sargent/Burwell), 1:06; won 4-2 in sudden victory over Austin French (Broken Bow); won unopposed; pinned Randy Church (High Plains), 0:58; won unopposed.

160—Keyan Anderson was pinned by Coby Cassidy (Sargent/Burwell), 1:06; was pinned by Jacob Porter (Broken Bow), 1:31; was pinned by Jacob Fernau (Ainsworth), 1:15; was pinned by Kyle Stevens (High Plains), 1:38; won unopposed.

170—Skyler Kottwitz won 4-1 decision over Lane Helgoth (Sargent/Burwell); won unopposed; pinned Hunter Nickless (Ainsworth), 0:19; pinned Payton Stevens (High Plains), 0:30; won unopposed.

182—Tyson Miller lost 2-1 decision to Tyler Gideon (Sargent/Burwell); was pinned by Tommy McCormick (Broken Bow), 5:17; won unopposed; pinned John Beck (High Plains), 3:33; pinned Alex Mackley (N.P. St. Pats), 2:11.

195—Tyler Miller was pinned by Trace Gumb (Sargent/Burwell), 1:00; lost 9-3 decision to Jose Ambriz (Broken Bow); won unopposed; pinned Matthew Pekarek (High Plains), 1:44; won unopposed.

220—Luke Ferguson was pinned by Brook Huffman (Sargent/Burwell), 0:42; was pinned by Preston Sanchez (Broken Bow), 2:35; was pinned by Kyle Erthum (Ainsworth), 0:51; won unopposed; won unopposed.

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