Sunday, June 17, 2018
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Swedes second at SWC play invite

Ogallala wins crown with play about Robin Hood

The stage at Broken Bow High School was smaller than what the Swede one-act cast was used to but they adapted.

And, at the end of the Southwest Conference Play Production on Nov. 25, Gothenburg was declared runner-up.

Ogallala won the competition in a field that included Gothenburg, Ainsworth, Broken Bow, Cozad, Minden, Holdrege and Valentine.

Noted for outstanding performances in “A Play Called Noah’s Flood” were Drake Brand, Brett Mann, Trenton Long, Betsy Potter, Shaylee Scott and Dominic Long.

Director Lori Long said the school’s technical equipment was also challenging.

However part of “the game,” she said, is being able to adjust and perform anywhere.

“When the lights didn’t black out at the end of the show, our performers stayed frozen in character until they knew it was okay to move,” Long said. “Erin (co-director) was frantically pressing keys on the light board and I just watched our kids.

“They hung in there.”

Because productions must be no longer than 30 minutes, she said the cast struggled earlier in the season to pare the performance.

“We cut more lines before we got on the bus that day and the kids handled it like professionals,” Long said. “We then ran the scenes a few times until they were comfortable and they performed it like they had been doing the scenes that way all along.”

With district competition set for Friday in Minden, Long said the Swedes need to fine-tune individual performances and those of the ensemble (non-speaking actors and actresses).

Feather said the ensemble stepped up their performance.

“They are so vital to our show,” Feather explained. “Even though they may not have a line, if they are not in character the entire time a judge can tell.”

She described the show as solid with polishing still needed.

At districts, Long said the production will feature a complete set, music and props.

“It’s our philosophy not to add the final touches until the end,” she said. “It keeps the kids fresh and keeps us (the directors) from overwhelming ourselves and the actors before we are ready.”

Besides Gothenburg, schools in the B-5 district include St. Paul, Kearney Catholic, Cozad, Broken Bow, Adams Central, Holdrege and Minden.

Noted for outstanding performances at the Gothenburg Play Production Invite on Nov. 19 were Brett Mann, Trenton Long, Betsy Potter, Kayla Trevino, Drake Langley and Dominic Long.

Their names were omitted in a story in the Nov. 27 issue of The Times.