Friday, June 22, 2018
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Gothenburg’s art club learns what art professionals expect

Gothenburg art students are aware of guidelines and how an art portfolio should look after a trip to Omaha last week.

Nine Gothenburg High School students went on a two-day field trip to a portfolio review panel at the Joslyn Art Museum, in Omaha, Nov. 14 and toured the museum Nov. 15.

The students, part of Gothenburg’s Visual Arts Club, and art teacher Travis Coe did fund raisers and worked concessions to pay for the trip.

During the hour-long discussion that explained the importance of a quality portfolio the panelists talked about what they looked for in a portfolio from a student who was interested in pursuing the arts.

“It’s important for them to present a quality portfolio,” Coe said.

After the discussion, students had the chance to seek a one-on-one review and get tips about their portfolios from the panelists that included professors and artists.

“It was beneficial for them to get feedback from professionals,” Coe said. “It sparked an interest with most of the kids. They saw there is a future out there in art.”

Junior Seth Eggleston was shown how to use different techniques in drawing and how to improve his portfolio, he said, while junior Alex Boson showed pictures she had taken and edited.

“I learned more about drawing and using shading,” Eggleston said.

Boson said her panelist knew which pictures she had left in the original state and which ones I edited. Then she told me how to be better at editing,” Boson said.

After the panel, the VAC went to an Omaha restaurant to eat, Coe said.

“It was just an added bonus to a fun trip,” Coe said. “Plus there was a magician who did card and slight of hand tricks and lots of bunnies.”

On Nov. 15, the students and Coe woke up before sunrise and walked along the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge in Omaha. After taking a couple of pictures, the group went to Joslyn Art Museum and took a self-guided tour.

“It was nice that we had a small group,” Coe said. “It allowed each of the students a chance to see art that was of particular interest to them.”

Senior Brett Mann especially liked the paintings and optical illusions.

“It was interesting to see professional artwork and the different views on different things,” he said.

Each student is interested in pursuing art after high school, Coe said, and it ignited focused conversations.

“It was a quick trip, but it was a positive one,” Coe said.

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