Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Story-telling pilgrims

AND THE WINNERS ARE: In the spirit of Geoffrey Chaucer and “The Canterbury Tales,” three Gothenburg High School senior English college prep classes had a story-telling contest. In the book, according to English teacher Roxanne Whiting, each pilgrim was asked to tell two stories on the way to and the way back from Canterbury. Other pilgrims, like the GHS classes did, voted on the best story. Whiting said there was much diversity in the telling of the tales and that students seem to like the assignment each year. The winners of the free meals, chosen from each of the three classes, described the experience as fun. They were, from left, Jett Seimer, Sara Picci and Blake Ristine, who shared personal tales about an experience with a brother and a friend, airport travel from Italy to the United States and pets, respectively.