Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Dawson Tire expands with new building

Business moves all operations from 806 8th St.

Dawson Tire & Wheel has been settled in their new building at 511 Cottonwood Drive for more than a year.

And now the business is expanding again.

A 12,000-square foot building will soon rise from a hay field to the southeast of the main building.

After construction is completed around the first of December, marketing coordinator Loren Block said rims and steel parts will be stored in the building.

Block noted that the inventory that will be housed in the structure has been stored in several locations including buildings across the highway from the former headquarters of the business at 806 Eighth St.

Dawson Tire & Wheel’s assembly of its plastic irrigation pivot tire, the Rhinogator, is now in the Cottonwood Drive location as is the rest of the business.

Agricultural and irrigation tire sales, farm tire service, the Rhinogator and all administrative functions are at the 511 Cottonwood Drive location.

“We’ve been able to expand this site to handle everything,” Block said.

Block said Travis Metzler handles farm service and local farm tire sales at corporate headquarters where walk-in traffic is welcomed.

“We’re continuing our farm/ag tire service with two service trucks to go on site where needed,” he said.

Block noted that Dawson Tire & Wheel is focusing almost exclusively on agriculture tires and wheels.

The business has 40 employees in three locations—Gothenburg, Indianapolis, IN, where there’s a warehouse and sales staff and in Rochester, NY, that has a sales office.

Since Dawson Tire & Wheel was started in 1998 by Eric McPherson, Block said business has grown phenomenally.

“We attribute that to our ability to keep up with trends, focus on the agricultural market, excellent customer service and employee training to continually get better and better,” he said.

Block said the business sells tires through the United States, Canada and Mexico.

He added that receiving coordinator Rick Johnson will take over the central Nebraska sales and distribution of Schaeffer Oil products. Johnson can be reached 308-520-6076 for oil and lubrication products.

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