Friday, June 22, 2018
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Update donor information

To everyone who took the first step to help save someone’s life when you decided to join the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP):

If you or someone you know—family or friend—registered in the NMDP, please take the time to update all information. It is very important to forward any changes that may have come about, such as: have you moved, add new address; had a name change, gotten married, etc.; had a phone number changed; had any changes in health that you may need to remove your name from the registry.

Someone’s life may depend on you taking a few minutes to update all your information. Visit the Web site at:, or call 1-800-MARROW2 (1-800-627-7692).

The new name of the marrow registry is “Be The Match.” There is information on the Web site, or by calling, about how to join if you know of anyone wanting to be in the registry.

Please, take the time to do this or remind someone you know that has made changes in their lives to contact Be The Match registry.

In memory of Christopher “Griz” Metzger (Dec. 9, 1975-Feb. 25, 1998), forever in our hearts.