Thursday, June 21, 2018
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County assessor shares helpful websites

Officials in the Dawson County assessor’s office are urging county residents to use several Internet websites made available to the public.

Dawson County assessor John Moore said Internet browsers can now obtain information through two sites.

For several years, the website for Nebraska Taxes Online——has been available with a tab to assessment records.

A separate website——has also been developed. This report lists historic information about property taxes and valuations and the main page gives details about what is on record for the property, Moore said.

Both can be accessed from Moore’s website at www.dawson

“We are attempting to become more accessible in the e-business world with these websites,” Moore said, “and all elected officials are encouraging their use to help property owners save time.”

Soon, he said people filing personal property schedules can use

Two other sites, with links on the assessor’s website, offer information on county records.

Moore said he and county surveyor Jake Ripp have been coordinating an effort to develop the website for about two years

“The assessor’s office uses it basically to work with agricultural land,” he said. “However, city mapping in the county is also on the site so home owners and others can see an aerial image of how their property lies. “

Soil types and breakdowns of the record are also available through a link to the assessor’s website.

For more information, contact the assessor’s office at 308-324-3471.