Thursday, June 21, 2018
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New logo for local fire department

Two designs combined into one

The Gothenburg Fire Department is sporting a new logo.

Last November, the department launched a contest to get a new design, offering $150 in Swede Bucks to the person with the winning entry.

The contest was an idea of fire fighter Kent Kline to find a new design for department uniforms and T-shirts as well as stationary and truck decals.

Kline said eight designs were submitted and members of the department voted in the spring of 2012.

“When a clear winning design couldn’t be unanimously chosen, the department decided to take the best parts of both designs and have one design created,” he said.

Gothenburg High School senior Bryce Eggleston, who graduated in May, and GHS graduate Chris Horn were the two winning designers.

Kline said Horn combined the two designs into what is now the department’s new logo.

Both designers were awarded $150 in Swede Bucks for their winning entries.

In the past, Kline said the department has used several different logos, most of which have been generic clip art or a logo from the Internet.

“I don’t really know if the department has ever had a logo that was designed specifically for use by the Gothenburg Volunteer Fire Department,” he said.

Members liked the two logos, Kline said, because they combine the old with the new.

“It’s a combination of a traditional crest and ribbons with axes along with the Pony Express rider and the American flag background,” he said. “It’s unique to the GVFD.”

The first T-shirts, emblazoned with the new logo, were delivered to members at the October business meeting.

Kline said the logo will also be embroidered on members’ coats and dress uniform shirts.

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