Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Students cavort in hallways to ‘Footloose’

For the second year, Gothenburg High School and junior high students showed school spirit in an unusual way last Thursday.

With video cameras in hand, media production class members filmed different organizations lining the hallways as the groups twirled in choral gowns, spun globes, threw softballs and hammed for “Lip Dub 2.0” in other ways.

The song blaring over the intercom was “Footloose” from the popular movie.

Students dismissed at 11 a.m. for three takes of the video that began upstairs and wound through the school. The first two takes ended on the football field with football players on the gridiron, the band and cheerleaders on the track and students in the stand.

Because of fierce winds, the last shooting was in the Community Building gymnasium.

After hurriedly editing the best take, the media class presented the video to students during an afternoon homecoming pep rally.

“Everyone did amazing,” Brooke Morton said. “Hopefully they’ll like the final product.”

This week, the class was adding behind-the-scenes material from the shoot such as students rushing by to change clothes and get to their next organization.

The finished product will be available on CD to students who want a copy and can also be seen on the school website.

Dan Jensen, who teachers the class, said the day was chaotic but he loves to see the kids filming and the “entire student body pulling together.”

Jensen was also pleased because spirit on homecoming was boosted.

“That was a good thing because it was too windy to make floats,” Morton said.

The class decided to do another lip dub because of requests from students, teachers and others who enjoyed doing it for the first time in 2011.

In fact, the class said students from several other schools called to see how the project was done.

This year, Tiani Reeves said the class got the idea for the song from YouTube, noting that it took awhile because much of the music and lyrics were naughty.

The class then met with leaders of the 26 organizations represented in the lip dub to find out what the groups planned to do and wear.

Shaylee Scott guessed that 80% of Gothenburg High School’s student body is involved in at least one activity.

Those that weren’t made “Swede Supporter” posters and were part of the lip dub.

Perhaps the most challenging part of the project, Morton said, was getting people to listen to directions and “try their hardest.”

Scott said she had to encourage some people to be more peppy.

The most difficult for Jessica Stevens was getting people into the stands for the grand finale.

“They weren’t hustling fast enough,” she said.

Jensen said he was struck by the cooperation of such a large group—419 students plus teachers and staff.

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