Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Putting the pedal to metal

A sanctioned pedal pull in the parking lot of the Pamida parking lot Saturday afternoon attracted 34 kids and five adult men.

Pedal pulling had been part of a cornhusking contest Gothenburg hosted several years ago and the event continues at Harvest Festival.

The top three finishers in each age group earned a trip to the 2013 Nebraska State Fair.

Results are as follows:

Age 4—Girls: 1. Gabby Schriner, 2. Payten Peterson.

Age 4—Boys: 1. Carson Reiman, 2. Axel Jorgenson, 3. Dempsey Edgins.

Age 5—Boys: 1. Cole Fernau

Age 6—Girls: 1. Ashlyn Richeson, 2. Natalie Schriner.

Age 6—Boys: 1. Cole Atkinson, 2. Blake Gronewold, 3. Caleb Butler.

Age 7—Girls: 1. Lili Tracci.

Age 7—Boys: 1. Brandon Schriner.

Age 8—Girls: 1. Nola Young, 2. Gracie White, 3. Helene Keiser.

Age 8—Boys: 1. Quintin Nissen.

Age 9—Boys: 1. Riley Baker, 2. Carsten Graves.

Age 10—Girls: 1. Asura Nissen, 2. Tessa Oliver, 3. Madeline Jorgenson.

Age 10—Boys: 1. Ryan Brown, 2. Trenton Peterson.

Age 11—Girls: 1. Savannah Peterson.

Age 11—Boys: 1. Heath Keiser.

Adults—Men: 1. John Butler, 2. Daniel Gronewold, 3. Phil Stieb.