Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Village considers bonds for street paving projects

A portion of the gravel streets in Brady could get paved if village officials decide to issue close to $1 million in bonds to pay for such a project.

The board of trustees heard presentations from both TC Engineering and Ameritas Investment Corp. during their regular monthly meeting on April 11.

Engineer Brent Burkland told the board his firm identified four priority streets that he suggests are first in line for paving.

They are North Locust, Commercial Street from Main to Mathewson, West Popleton including the Wayne Street and Johnson Circle loop, and East River Street.

Paving all four streets at 28 feet wide with a drive-over curb with asphalt is estimated to cost $700,000. The price for concrete is higher at $900,000 but the maintenance cost would be less, Burklund said.

It would be the village trustees’ choice whether to do all or part of the suggested project, Burklund said, but lumping them together keeps the cost lower than individual paving.

Brad Slaughter, an investment representative from Ameritas told the board there are several funding options to choose from.

The village could pay for the project through general obligation bonds, he said.

That means every residence in the village would be assessed through an additional levy, paying approximately $562 in additional taxes each year per $100,000 in property valuation.

Slaughter said the other option would be for the village to form street improvement districts in which only the residents along the paved streets would pay the cost.

“With all of the drainage issues we have in this town, I think this is something we need to find a way to do,” said village board chairman Jeff Miller.

No action was taken following the engineer and investment presentations. The board will consider the options at future board meetings.

In other business, village trustees discussed the old village office building, which was rented to Jeaninne Davis during the January board meeting.

Once Davis began working in the building, she not only found mold but several areas which were beyond small repair.

The board agreed to refund all rent paid by Davis and discuss at a future meeting what should be done with the building.

Board member Lynn Herrick said it would likely cost far too much to fix the walls, floor and ceiling to make it usable.

In other action, trustees:

learned the village will not receive a Community Development Block Grant to have the sewer lines televised and cleaned. The funding request will be added to any grant applications done for the sewer lagoon repair project.

voted to contribute $350 to the youth baseball program and reviewed plans presented by Shawn Wardyn to install a batting cage at Palmer Park.

appointed Chad Quadhamer and Roger Bratten to the village tree board and approved tree program guidelines and rules that cover donations of trees and an application for planting.

approved new value totals for village property to be used for liability insurance renewal purposes.

discussed with residents the village’s alley behind the three houses on the west end of the Popleton Street cul-de-sac.

Darcee Miller told the board she and Ashley Lydic and Barry and Nikki Lovitt would like to have the village abandon the alley so ownership could transferred to the adjacent landowners since the residents already maintain the little-used alley. The board agreed to look further into the situation and revisit the issue at a later meeting.