Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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A differing opinion offered

I grew up in Gothenburg and have a very fond place in my heart for my “home.” I, through the gothenburgtimes.com website, try to to stay current on the happenings of my hometown.

I am very proud of where I come from and my family. They represent everything that is good about our state and the community of Gothenburg. Though we might not always see eye to eye we usually end up compromising on many issues both political and otherwise.

I have been compelled to write the editor at The Times because I feel that there are some people that try very hard to ignore change and forget what this country was built upon. I have been reading a lot of Neil Davis and his very biased viewpoints. He has made it very apparent that he likes to scare people into believing being a Democrat is unpatriotic.

In case you haven’t noticed the Republican Party preaching about liberty and the pursuit of happiness, yet they refuse to let women have the right to choose, let people choose who they should marry, refuse the basic right to healthcare to millions of Americans, and to close our borders and keep innovation out of America.

Kind of ironic isn’t it? Almost sounds like something a fascist dictator would do, doesn’t it? I especially take up the argument that liberalism is turning young people’s minds to mush. What is wrong with giving people the right to choose, fair taxes, the ability to attain higher education and giving people who were born here legally the path to citizenship? By turning your back on these people you are essentially turning your back on the future. As far as the economy is concerned I believe that Davis has taken our president out of context.

I sometimes wonder what his motive’s are. He states in his most recent letter that Obama, in reference to the economy, stated that “If Congress won’t get it done I will.” Has he watched that interview? That quote was in reference to education, health benefits and evening the playing field for all Americans. That sounds like someone who understands the middle class and will fight for not only me and my future family but Mr. Davis’s as well, as much as he want to ignore it.

I was barely alive when Reagan was in office, but I have taken history classes and have done my research. Reagan expanded our budget almost twice what Bush and Obama did together. I am not here to point fingers. Do I agree with everything that Obama signs? No, but it sure beats what any Republican has offered us in recent years.

Davis should quit fear mongering. It’s very shallow and pitiful. Try to inspire younger people and open your mind to change and try to understand that the Constitution was built out of compromise, not aristocratic authority.

To hate or scorn someone because of their sexuality, race, creed or color is very shallow and, quite honestly, pathetic. I am not implying, and would like to think, that those are not motives for his disgruntlement.

We have a great country and I respect the point of view of Mr. Davis. All that I ask is that he respect mine.