Thursday, June 21, 2018
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The tax man cometh

I’ve always said I never wanted to quit leaming.

Well, by cracky I learned something new when I got a call from Elaine at the Nebraska Department of Revenue.

My little heart went pitty pat and I thought maybe they were going to tell me I had won the Lottery. Nope, someone had reported my having a rummage sale in a building that wasn’t mine. I should have-gotten a sales tax number. What was I thinking?

The business bas been sold and the building was just sitting there. Seemed like a great place to be on the hot Brady Day fun. Wrong.

They needed my receipts on how much I had made as the state needs 5% tax. Since I was selling stuff I had already paid tax on when I bought it I just never gave it a thought.

For fun I had called it a tag sale. I had written little remarks on everything I was selling.

Tis true I enjoyed making words rhyme and people got a chuckle from the remarks. Sure glad laughter isn’t taxed.

My friend and I sat there chatting with the lookers and some takers. Largest sale was $10.

Little kids had bags of pennies. Darn, we didn’t count them when they asked if it was enough for what they wanted. Cute kids, cheap stuff.

We really didn’t spend much time there cause we had to enjoy the activities.

Like a kid after a bag of candy I headed out with a little cash to a real rummage. I’m not sure it was really their place but I spent my cash just to help them out. Is that called “passin’ the buck”?

Anyway the world is full of surprises. I was told people weren’t educated about these laws.

Hmmm. Could that be someone’s problem?

So you out there who plan on having a rummage make sure you sell it at your house or get a tax number. Be sure and be honest and tell them what you really sold. cause they just have to trust you.

I’ve learned something new and gave you rummage people some information if you don’t know the rules.

Thank God I’m an American where life is good even if I don’t know all the rules. Yes, I did find out who reported me and I’m now wondering if I can take out my expenses before taxes.

This little experience is just another page in my Book of Life. And I’m still smiling and wiser.

Bonnie Glo Aubushon, Brady