Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Junior shooter finishes runner-up at Doniphan

DONIPHAN—A cold and windy Saturday did not help members of the Gothenburg Youth Trap Team improve scores during the second week of competition at Doniphan.

Senior shooter Alex Ballmer recorded the highest score of the Gothenburg shooters hitting 46-of-50 from the 16-yard line and breaking 40-of-50 from the 23-yard line in the handicap portion of the shoot.

Junior shooter Anna Eggers, an Elwood youth who participates with the Gothenburg team, earned a trophy in the younger division.

She finished as the junior female runner-up by breaking 34-of-50 rocks.

The Gothenburg Youth Trap Team competes weekly at the Mid-Nebraska Trap Shooting Conference course at Doniphan.