Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Board still wrangling with calendar

Next year will be mix of four, five days.

By adding a few more five-day weeks to the existing four-day school schedule, Brady students will spend fewer minutes in class each day but teachers will have more overall instructional time.

The Brady school board discussed three calendar options during their regular monthly meeting on Monday, leaning toward a strong mix of four- and five-day weeks.

The district went to a four-day schedule in January 2005 in hopes of saving money while maintaining instructional time.

Superintendent Bill Porter said the four-day weeks have saved the district a little more than $20,000 per year in utility, transportation and lunch program costs.

The downside to the four-day week, he said, is that students have to be in school for longer days to make up the state-required hours of instruction.

Teachers also must put in more time with the longer school days.

Porter presented the board with options that could shorten the school day without jeopardizing instructional time.

One kept a mostly four-day schedule and another looked like the traditional five-day calendar but school board members liked the mix of four and five days.

Porter said there is still some tweaking to do to meet both the 9,000 minutes of instructional time the state requires and the desire to shorten the school day.

The proposed calendar includes 16 five-day weeks, seven more than the current school year. It also shortens the school day by roughly 20 minutes.

If approved next month, classes for the 2011-12 school year will begin on Aug. 18 and end May 17.

In other discussion,

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