Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Santa’s workshop comes to Dudley Elementary

Fourth graders take break from normal school day.

Monday morning found Payton Buss and his fellow fourth graders working with a paper cube, fishing line and large paper clip.

As students rotated through the three fourth-grade rooms, they traced, cut and assembled foam parts to which they hot-glued google eyes and a candy cane.


In another room, they painted holiday scenes on tiles and later glued felt protectors to the bottoms.


When finished, the students had a gift box that held an angel ornament, a foam-mouse ornament and a colorful trivet.

“We always do some fun things at the end of the semester to give to parents and grandparents,” said teacher Becky Gibbens. “It’s a nice way to have something to give and homemade gifts are the best. They’re the most memorable.”

Rachel Darling said she might give her mouse to her grandmother in Scottsbluff or to her mother.

During the gift-making process, Brady Hendricks said he learned not to touch hot glue.

Buss said he learned about geometry when assembling the gift box and that “fishing line is hard to work with.”

Teacher Mary Meisinger used a document camera, which projected what her hands were doing, to show students how to

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