Monday, June 18, 2018
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State wants all county property re-assessed

A request by state officials to re-assess Dawson County property could come back to bite local taxpayers if it is carried out.

During Monday’s regular county board meeting, assessor John Moore shared a letter he received from the state department of revenue suggesting a complete re-appraisal of all residential and commercial property in Dawson County.

Moore said a state representative looked at county tax statistics for last year for commercial properties and didn’t like the result, believing values were not high enough when compared to the sales market.

Moore said an appraisal of commercial properties is complicated and would cost close to $138,000.

To update both commercial and residential properties at once would cost roughly $750,000, he said.

“This letter is heavy-handed compared with what my previous conversations have been with the state office,” he said.

A response has been sent to the state office, Moore said.

“We would have to raise our levy 4 or 5 cents just to pay for what the state is asking us to do,” commission chairman Bill Stewart said.

The board took no action, deciding to wait for further contact from the state office.