Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Hospital foundation asks for support of Tree of Life

Donations of $1,000 or more requested to help.

Tree: A woody perennial plant with one main stem or trunk which develops many branches.—Webster’s New World Dictionary

Some folks in town would like to grow many branches with leaves on a tree of life.


To accomplish this, Gothenburg Memorial Hospital Foundation members have kicked off a drive to get more community members to become planned gifters.


Foundation president Luke Rickertsen said anyone who donates $1,000 now—through payments or a will—will be recognized with an engraved leaf to go on the Tree of Life.

A wooden replica of a tree, with names of givers, is displayed on a wall in the hospital.

Rickertsen added that donations of any amount are welcomed.

The foundation uses donations to buy equipment and make capital improvements to the hospital.

He pointed out that people can specify where they want their donation to go.

In the past, money raised by the foundation has also helped pay for an addition to and renovation of the hospital.

Deb Mroczek, who along with husband Gary are recognized givers, said they plan to give money now to support the hospital.

“We feel we should support our community in as many ways as we can,” Mroczek said.

All 14 foundation members have also donated.

Member Khris Jinks said she and husband Curt are pledging a gift—through payments—so GMH can be the best it can be.

“It’s one way to continue what we have and make it better,” Jinks said.

In fact, Jinks said she pointed out to her son Wes that an X-ray he recently received might not be possible without monetary support of the hospital.

To foundation board member Dan Tinlin, giving represents long-term sustainability of the hospital.

“We play an important part in the community,” Tinlin said. “We need to support the hospital because of the care given here.”

Tinlin said board members also want to see GMH grow and expand.

Rickertsen said signs of thriving towns are

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