Saturday, June 23, 2018
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A trip to the country

Students make butter at Block farm & more.

For eight years, Dudley Elementary second graders have traveled to the farm of Stephanie and Doug Block for a day filled with activities.

Stephanie was a longtime Dudley second-grade teacher until she retired a year ago.


At the Block farm, students started the morning with a scavenger hunt in a pasture where they observed—instead of taking—a turtle, flower, snake, insect, thistle, cow pie, bones, trash, leaf, rock, seed, barb wire and golf ball.


After leaving the pasture, the youngsters, their teachers and parent volunteers rode back to the farm in a horse trailer.

“This is always a lot of fun and there are always lots of giggles,” said second-grade teacher Wendy Bartels. “Someone said, ‘Wow, I feel sorry for the animals because they can’t

even hang on.’ ”

When lunch was finished, students rotated through seven stations that includ-ed making and tasting homemade butter, walking around the farm, riding in a tractor, eating ice cream snacks, playing tug-of-war, participating in a dress-up farm relay and saddling up on Larry Wendelin’s horse.

The Blocks also host a morning of Outdoor Education at their farm in the fall each year.