Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Paintin’ the Fence

Brady students to present Twain musical on Friday.

Orphan buddies Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn aren’t looking for trouble, they just want to get rid of some warts in the local graveyard.

Trouble finds them anyway in “Paintin’ the Fence,” a musical production based on a novel by Mark Twain.

Brady students will present the musical to the public at 7 p.m. on Friday.


The cast of 18 includes students in grades 7-12.


Music director Val Pohlman said it has been five years since the school last produced a musical. She said the best part about this play is the wide variety of students involved.

“A lot of times when we do a musical, we’ll get mostly younger kids to sign up,” Pohlman said. “We have a lot of upperclassmen in this play and it’s really fun to watch them perform.”

The story takes place in St. Petersburg, MO, in the mid-1800s. It centers around Tom Sawyer (played by Danielle Gutherless), who is more interested in fun than school and chores.

Sawyer’s buddy Huck Finn (played by Brad Ward) wants to show him how to get rid of warts with a dead cat in the graveyard.

The show includes Twain’s timeless humor throughout and culminates with the suspenseful life-or-death battle with Injun Joe (played by Chevas Shaw).

The challenge with a musical like this in a small school, Pohlman said, is getting everyone at practice at the same time.

“These kids are involved in so many activities that we have to share time,” she said.

Fitting everyone with costumes is also hard work but the task was made easier by the Costume Shop in Cambridge.

In addition to Pohlman, Tonja Shaw is the theatrical director with Jennifer Most as assistant. Beth Boden serves as accompanist.

In addition to the public performance, the cast is set to present the musical for elementary students Wednesday (today).

Cast members are: Danielle Gutherless—Tom Sawyer; Brad Ward—Huck Finn; Taina Taullie—Becky Thatcher; Micah Most—Jeff Thatcher; Kristen Boden—Aunt Polly; Tyler Egenberger—Sid; Sydney Pride—Mary; Brodie Sullivan-Bock—Preacher and school master; Donnie Trisdale—Judge Thatcher; Valerie Most—Mrs. Thatcher and Suzie; Amanda Lunkwitz—Widder Douglas; Chevas Shaw—Injun Joe; Ethan Callahan—Muff Potter; Daniel Splane—Doc Robinson; Shaunna Scarrow—Amy; Megan Pfeifer—Lyda; Alexis Mann—Faith; Kaitlyn Black—Hope; Cody Most—Ben; Troy Lusk—Joe; Chris Porter—Ted; Jeff Simants, Kyle Pohlman and Tyrel Grasz—stage hands.

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