Friday, September 21, 2018
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Better representation needed

I was quite interested in the recent article about State Sen. John Wightman’s remarks at a meeting in Gothenburg on April 10. Specifically when he talked about the forthcoming redistricting he stated that “Keeping Dawson County intact is something Wightman said he hopes is accomplished.”

It appears that Sen. Wightman should inform himself about the existing boundaries of his own District 36. Nearly one-third of Dawson County, south of the Platte River, is in District 44 presently represented by Sen. Mark Christensen of Imperial and not his own District 36.

Is Sen. Wightman so uninformed that he does not realize that his District 36 does not include all of Dawson County? I think that is very likely based upon my personal attempts as a Dawson Co landowner to deal with him. This speaks poorly of him, but I believe it to be very representative of his lack of interest and ability to truly serve those with interests in his district. He is simply not good.

When Sen. Wightman failed to work with me and basically deceived me for nearly two years, I started working with Sen. Christensen. I found him to be very accessible, communicative, willing to listen and understand my concerns, and take legislative action in a timely and constructive manner to get the problem that had adversely affected me—and potentially all Nebraska landowners—corrected by legislation.

Sen. Wightman is a total opposite. He was inaccessible, not communicative, failed to actually listen and understand my concerns. However, he behaved in such a way as to effectively deceive me to believe that he might actually do something and by doing so delayed my ability to cause the necessary change to occur. But, he never did, and finally simply stopped responding to my communications. However, Sen. Christensen quickly and effectively took care of the matter. His action benefits all landowners in the state.

I suggest it is time that Sen. Wightman be retired from his legislative duties. He is doing a very poor job for his constituents and seems to be primarily feeding his own ego and sense of self-importance rather than actually constructively representing District 36. The voters of District 36 could do this in the November 2010 election at which time he is up for re-election.

I hope that a good honest and motivated candidate will come forward to oppose Sen. Wightman and that the District 36 voters will elect that person. As an absentee landowner I cannot vote of course, but I am certainly ready to provide campaign contributions and volunteer effort for a good candidate. Anybody but Wightman would be better from my viewpoint. While I cannot vote, my property interests still justify my need to see that the area has a decent representative in the Nebraska State Senate. John Wightman is not such a person.