Friday, September 21, 2018
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Political, societal blaming game

The notion that liberals are “baby killers,” as though they get a thrill out of babies being killed, is absurd.

Did prohibition stop the manufacture of liquor? No, it did not. People were making their own or drinking grain alcohol and dying.

I remember when I was a young girl hearing about “back alley abortionists” or “butchers” as they were also referred, where young women who had made a bad decision went and many were maimed or even died from infections. Many tried to perform the gruesome procedure on themselves with a coat hanger.

I remember when my parents, who were staunch republicans, were in favor of legalizing abortion for this reason. This was not strictly a liberal decision.

My heart tells me that abortions should be illegal and that every baby that is conceived should be born and live in a happy home. Unfortunately, in reality, abortions would still go on, history would repeat itself because young women would still make poor choices out of desperation. The difference would be that many young women would also perish along with their babies.

One of my daughters knew a girl, when she was in college, who had an abortion. This girl was a pastor’s daughter. I assume that she didn’t want to embarrass or bring shame on her family.

I believe what is badly needed in this country is a “relationship revolution.” We need to open up meaningful communication with our daughters, other people’s daughters, and sons, and let them know that promiscuity is a very destructive lifestyle choice, but if they make a mistake they would still be loved and so would the baby. Romans 3:23; Romans 5:8. They need to know that abortion is not an acceptable option.

I think we are cutting off the wrong end of the snake by blaming politicians for something that is a societal problem.