Friday, September 21, 2018
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We all need help from a friend

The perfect storm. No, I’m not referring to the weather in Nebraska. I’m talking about that moment when everything that could go wrong does. Then, what?

Recently, I had a series of mishaps and unfortunate events. Something broke. I had really counted on this item working. I immediately texted a friend who was able to come and assess the broken. Unfortunately, nothing could be done except summon a repairman and wait. In the meantime, I would have to do without.

Without. Well, that didn’t fit into my idea of how the plan was supposed to go. It took me a little while to stop pouting and to realize that I was going to have to look for an alternative option. An idea came to me, and I texted a friend. She had exactly what I needed for a replacement. Feeling pretty pleased with my plan B, I impatiently waited for her reply. It did come, but not until hours later. By then, my self-reliance was shot.

“It’s going to be okay. Things will work out. They always do.” This is the pep talk I was giving myself when the text arrived that the alternative option had been delivered. I was so grateful. I couldn’t have made this happen without her help. I made arrangements to give myself extra time to take care of all of the details of plan B.

Extra time. That’s exactly what it took to do every task in front of me. Without going into excessive detail, tasks were more difficult than expected or required that which I forgot. Something that typically takes a few moments took 30 minutes. One solution segwayed into the next complication. I decide to text a friend. Her message read, “I’ll be right there.”

“So what’s the problem,” she said and listened. She had what I needed and having someone there to talk it through helped. Others arrived and began a whirlwind of helping. Small adjustments were made as needed. Each detail fell into place. Flexibility and acceptance made the reality of the circumstance absolutely perfect.

Common denominator. I texted a friend. I asked for and was willing to receive help. Allowing people to pitch in and offer assistance made the impossible possible. Together we had everything that was needed. No one was overextended or burdened. My weakness was complemented by someone else’s strength.

I’m talking about that moment when everything that could go wrong does. Then, what? I need people and to live in community. I need help and to be helpful. I contribute to the kind of community in which I desire to live. Together we are better. Then, everything works out exactly as it should.