Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Former Gothenburg man realizes dream with grandson

Behind his wife and children, Marion Tatum said that being a contestant on Wheel of Fortune with his grandson, Issac Phillips, was the number one thrill of his life. “When Wheel of Fortune started,” Tatum said, “I told my wife, ‘That’s the show I want to be on.’” For 35 years Tatum has been submitting requests to be on the TV game show, but this year the dream came true.

The duo was quite a success in winning all three of the toss up puzzles, Phillips said. They earned $1000 for solving “birds of a feather,” $2,000 for solving “snow shovel,” and $3,000 for solving “life-long learner.” Phillips would spin the wheel, and Tatum would guess the letters, according to Tatum. However, on the fourth puzzle, Phillips spun a “bankrupt,” but Tatum was so focused on being ready to call out the next letter that Sajak had to say, “Hold on. We’ve got a bankrupt.” The two said they laughed at the dirty look Tatum gave Phillips for spinning a bankruptcy.

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