Sunday, June 17, 2018
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Fighting against liberalism

The headline read “Health care bill becomes law. What’s in it?”

How sad is that? Watching 219 co-conspirators vote away our freedom, made me physically ill. The people that champion women’s right to choose what they do with their bodies (abortion) now control what the entire population can and cannot do with their bodies. Incredible. Efforts to promote the bill gave us witness to a liars competition. President Obama and Speaker Pelosi came in first and second.

After the vote, statements by congressional Democrats gave insight into how it happened. Alcee Hastings said “There are no rules here....We make them up as we go along.” This guy was the sixth federal judge in American history, to be impeached and removed from office. Florida voters then sent him to Washington?

John Dingle said “ takes a long put the legislation together to control the people.” Asked what part of the Constitution allows Congress to mandate buying health insurance, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers said “....the good and welfare clause and a couple others.”

These people have to swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution. I have long believed that a majority (both parties) have never read it, let alone studied it. There is of course no “good and welfare clause” and I would bet folding money that Conyers couldn’t name any other part of the document, save for the commerce clause. They have been bastardizing our law through “interpretation” of the commerce and welfare clauses since FDR. It’s time to clean house.

A poll showed that 49% of voters favor their state suing the federal government against the law. The list of state attorneys general who are going to fight it, is growing. Nebraska’s Jon Bruning is among them.

Past usurpations by the Supreme Court, that have already set precedents in favor of the wrong, will make it a difficult task. States working toward regaining their sovereignty has been long overdue and any success will be a chip off the stone.

In retaliation Democrats are disparaging tea partiers as “domestic terrorists” to shift the focus. James Clyburn fanned the flames and gave a glimpse of the future saying they would “....soon get to deal with this issue of immigration, and I’m afraid that if we don’t tamp this down now, ....that could lead to some catastrophic events.”

A map on Sarah Palin’s Web site showing members of Congress who she believes should be “targeted” in this year’s mid-terms and a statement “we’ll aim for these races” are being portrayed as threats. How do you process idiocy like that? My response? I am now more determined than ever, to make every effort possible to get liberalism down on the ground, put a boot on it’s neck and make sure it never gets back up.

A couple good things. The new law has been endorsed by Fidel Castro. Everyone will see a $2,500 decrease in their insurance premiums. The President said so, or was he lying.