Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Bipartisanship a bunch of hooey

During a meeting with Republicans, President Obama defiantly said “I am not an idealogue.” Though the term has fanciful implications, I don’t see standing up for one’s convictions as a bad thing.

I think the President is indeed an idealogue. I am somewhat an idealogue myself. The difference being, I am right and he is wrong.

The meeting was a disingenuous show of bipartisanship on the president’s part. But, it was important because it was covered by the biased media. Republicans were shown as having ideas to offer, not just being the “party of no” as claimed by Democrats (who always get coverage).

Bipartisanship is constantly talked about in Washington, but has seldom been observed in the last three years. Republicans think bipartisanship is making concessions to hopefully get much of what they want. Democrats think bipartisanship is Republicans agreeing with Democrats.

As an idealogue, on this issue I side with the Democrats and view bipartisanship as a bunch of hooey. Remarkably, Republicans took a stand against the health care fiasco and slowed the process enough for Democrats to self-destruct. Partisanship (the inverse of bipartisanship) worked.

I view partisanship as black vs. white and bipartisanship as black + white = gray. We have thousands of gray laws that, in many cases, don’t serve either side well and can do more harm than good. The disastrous TARP bill is a prime example, supporting my argument.

I equate partisanship with checks and balances. The founders placed a separation of powers between the branches of the federal government to make it difficult for one branch to rule supreme. Many times one party has gained control of all three branches, but it’s always been a seesaw from one party to the other.

No system is perfect, but ours is the best on the planet. Voters rejected the Bush administration and forgot what it’s like when Democrats are in control (bad to worse).

Democrats now want Republicans’ help in passing the so-called health care reform bill. The one they couldn’t get passed among themselves with a 60-vote majority! They have dreamed of this power grab for decades.

Obama is not about to give up on the health care take-over. He has to have it to win the votes of illegal immigrants. Pile on cap and trade, amnesty, card check and the global warming nonsense. If ever there was a time for the party of no, it is now.

There is a good chance Republicans can take back Congress in November. Would Obama be forced to move toward the center like Bill Clinton did? I can’t see it. He would have to actually “do” what he says he is doing and stop most of what he “is” doing.

The meeting at Blair House (like the first meeting), showed that he doesn’t care about our “productive ideas.” He’s been hearing them for a year. As long as Obama continues to debase our country, he will be getting “criticism” from me. It’s that idealogue thing.