Saturday, August 18, 2018
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No totalitarianism here

Response to: “Is Totalitarianism Here?”

I believe we are a long way from totalitarianism. We have a choice by means of voting which party controls the branches of government. This is a virtue of democracy.

Remember when the Republicans were in control six of the eight years of the Bush administration?

The social ideas that spring up from the FDR administration included Social Security, disability unemployment compensation, Medicare, etc.

Let’s have a show of hands...How many of us or if someone we know have benefitted from these programs?

As I recall, there was the same partisan conflict surrounding the Medicare controversy when it was introduced by the Democrats.

I thought it quite ironic that the totalitarianism letter, which told how banks were forced to take bailout money, interestingly was published the same week as the article about the lady who received grants to repair her home from this government—I wonder if they forced her to take those grants.

We have many different media opinions. Under totalitarianism authority we would have state-controlled media only. Criticism of the media is freedom of speech and does not mean the restriction of free speech.

No, we do not have a totalitarianism government.