Friday, September 21, 2018
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Relentless wrestling

Swede mat men give their all at home meet.

If just one or two individual matches had gone Gothenburg’s way in duals against Ainsworth and North Platte St. Pat’s, the Swedes would have captured the title in their own meet on Friday.

As it was, though, the lucky breaks didn’t come where they needed to and the Swedes finished third at the Gothenburg Invite.


“We put ourselves in a position to win the tournament,” said coach Eric Manstedt, “and we did it with seven underclassmen and five upperclassmen. For the most part I thought we wrestled really well.”


The Swedes won duals against Holdrege, Broken Bow and High Plains. In their matchups with Ainsworth and St. Pat’s, the score was so tight it could have gone either way with one more Gothenburg win.

The Bulldogs finished 5-0 to take top honors.

“We’ve lost to Ainsworth three years in a row,” Manstedt said. “I have pretty high respect for Ainsworth as a program. To be that close is pretty good for our team.”

The Swedes soundly defeated Holdrege in the first round and slipped past Broken Bow in the second round after heavyweight Dane Ehlers pinned Tanner Jackson in the final match.

The Swedes got six wins—four by pin—over Ainsworth and had a shot to beat the Bulldogs with Mitch Spiegel at 103 pounds in the final weight class of the dual with the score at 36-33.

Keaton Gracey put Spiegel to his back once during the match but Spiegel fought him off.

Spiegel, a sophomore, avoided a pin but couldn’t overcome Gracey, falling 6-2 and the Swedes fell 39-33 in the dual.

“We can’t hang the whole dual on Mitch just because it was the last match,” Manstedt said. “There were other matches that certainly could have made the difference.”

In fact, the coach said, had freshman Cody Cooper not earned a big pin over Brandon Clark at 215 pounds, the Swedes would not have even been close.

“That’s just the way it goes sometimes,” Manstedt said.

A similar situation happened against St. Pat’s as the Swedes suffered pins in the final two weight classes.

“St. Pat’s has their patented move that they always do,” Manstedt said of the Irish tendency to get into a front headlock. “We prepared for it last week but still ended up getting caught. We lost four matches to them that we should not have lost.”

St. Pat’s beat Gothenburg 39-31.

In all, the Swedes earned nine medals including two weight class championships.

Tanner Schwanz (119) and Justin Larson (125) both earned gold medals.

Spiegel and Kyle Demoret (160) placed second while Chris Hyde (135), Alex McClement (145), Trent Good (152), Cameron Frazho (171) and Dane Ehlers (285) were third.

“This meet showed us where we still need some mental work,” Manstedt said. “At this point in the season, 90% or more of what we need to take care of is mental.”

With his young team in the hunt every week, Manstedt is encouraged the boys are still moving toward their goal of earning a state medal.

Only two varsity meets remain before the B-4 district.

This week the Swedes travel to Hastings on Saturday, the final invite before the Southwest Conference meet at Valentine on Feb. 6.

“Every goal points toward qualifying for state,” Manstedt said. “We are still firmly focused on that.”

TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Ainsworth 5-0; 2. North Platte St. Pat’s 4-1; 3. Gothenburg 3-2; 4. Holdrege 2-3; 5. Broken Bow 1-4; 6. High Plains 0-5.


Round 1

St. Pats 39 Broken Bow 37

Ainsworth 51 High Plains 25

Gothenburg 52 Holdrege 25

Round 2

Ainsworth 63 Holdrege 18

St. Pat’s 42 High Plains 33

Gothenburg 42 Broken Bow 39

Round 3

Ainsworth 39 Gothenburg 33

Broken Bow 33 High Plains 24

St. Pat’s 51 Holdrege 30

Round 4

Gothenburg 46 High Plains 25

Ainsworth 39 St. Pat’s 38

Holdrege 38 Broken Bow 36

Round 5

Holdrege 51 High Plains 21

Ainsworth 48 Broken Bow 30

St. Pat’s 39 Gothenburg 31


103—Mitch Spiegel pinned Ernie Solorio of Holdrege in 3:05; won forfeit over Broken Bow; lost 6-2 decision to Keaton Gracey of Ainsworth; won 16-2 decision over Brandon Burress of High Plains; won 6-4 decision over Drew Riggs of St. Pat’s; second place. (26-7 season record)

112—Dillon Larson pinned Corbin Rookstool of Holdrege in 4:25; was pinned by Zane Smith of Broken Bow in 44 seconds; was pinned by Ely Sharkey of Ainsworth in 5:58; was pinned by Steven Thies of High Plains in 1:53; was pinned by Adam Pasquinelly of St. Pat’s in 16 seconds. (9-23)

119—Tanner Schwanz won 10-1 decision over Dillon Hill of Holdrege; pinned Zach Sanchez of Broken Bow in 1:43; won forfeit over Ainsworth; pinned Daniel Thies of High Plains in 1:00; pinned Chris Dilley of St. Pat’s in 2:23; first place. (31-4)

125—Justin Larson lost 8-0 decision Richard Hinojos of Holdrege; pinned Austin Roach of Broken Bow in 4:35; pinned Dalton Pflaster of Ainsworth in 5:01; pinned Trevor Ostanowski of High Plains in 1:17; won 11-0 decision over Mitchel Ferguson of St. Pat’s; first place. (24-13)

130—Bryce Eggleston pinned Addison Pruit of Holdrege in 1:04; was pinned by Wilson Baker of Broken Bow in 1:53; pinned Dustin Dailey of Ainsworth in 4:58; lost 7-4 decision to Tanner Fate of High Plains; was pinned by Josiah Allison of St. Pat’s in 1:39. (21-17)

135—Chris Hyde pinned Taylor Garcia of Holdrege in 2:21; was pinned by Matt Denson of Broken Bow in 1:17; won 12-10 decision over Tanner Clark of Ainsworth; pinned Lane Church of High Plains in 31 seconds; was pinned by Trevor Wid of St. Pat’s in 2:48; third place. (19-18)

140—Kyle Kleinknecht lost 6-2 decision to Dallen Johnston of Holdrege; lost 10-6 decision to Jay Brass of Broken Bow; lost 6-2 decision to Garth Swett of Ainsworth; lost 14-2 decision to Ian Carson of High Plains; won by forfeit over St. Pat’s. (5-27)

145—Alex McClement was pinned by Spencer Isaacson of Holdrege in 1:40; pinned Jordan Barta of Broken Bow in 2:22; pinned Derreck Pollack of Ainsworth in 1:48; was pinned by Tanner Hannappel of High Plains in 5:24; won by forfeit over St. Pat’s; third place. (8-12)

152—Trent Good pinned Ethan Wilson of Holdrege in 4:35; won by forfeit over Broken Bow; was pinned by Ty Shelbourn of Ainsworth in 3:57; won by forfeit over High Plains; was pinned by Barrett Pieper of St. Pat’s in 46 seconds; third place. (7-10)

160—Kyle Demoret won by forfeit over Holdrege; won by forfeit over Broken Bow; lost 13-10 decision to Justin West of Ainsworth; won by forfeit over High Plains; pinned Joel Melton of St. Pat’s in 1:46; second place. (26-11)

171—Cameron Frazho pinned Austin Pistulka of Holdrege in 2:39; was pinned by Devin O’Brien of Broken Bow in 3:59; was pinned by Taylor Gross of Ainsworth in 1:24; won by forfeit over High Plains; lost 5-0 decision to Pedro Martinez of St. Pat’s; third place. (7-15)

215—Cody Cooper was pinned by Nikolos Fulmer of Holdrege in 27 seconds; lost by forfeit to Broken Bow; pinned Brandon Clark of Ainsworth in 3:27; lost by forfeit to High Plains; was pinned by Juan Martinez of St. Pat’s in 3:59. (7-14)

285—Dane Ehlers pinned Ryan Barlow of Holdrege in 5:35; pinned Tanner Jackson of Broken Bow in 1:03; was pinned by Nathaniel Allen of Ainsworth in 29 seconds; pinned Kyle Beck of High Plains in 1:06; was pinned by Tanner Jenkins of St. Pat’s in 5:43; third place. (20-16)