Thursday, June 21, 2018
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First-ever SWC Quiz Bowl win for Swedes

Quiz Bowl: A game in which two teams compete head-to-head to answer questions from all areas of knowledge including history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, sports, and popular culture.—National Academic Quiz Tournaments

 The Gothenburg Swedes were at the top of their Quiz Bowl game on April 16 when they won the Southwest Conference title on April 16 in Valentine.

“To my knowledge, it is the first time we’ve won the conference in Quiz Bowl,” said Swede coach Lori Long.

Six teammates faced six players from Ainsworth in the championship event.

Results by round in the winners’ bracket were:

Gothenburg over Cozad 45-20

Gothenburg over Minden 55-30

Gothenburg over Ogallala 50-45 (sudden death tie-breaker)

Gothenburg over Ainsworth 45-30 for the championship

Long explained how Quiz Bowl works.

A reader presents a question and players have 30 seconds to buzz in.

“You can think of it as a big Jeopardy game,” Long said. “If the player who buzzes in gets the answer correct, the team is awarded five points and is given a bonus question worth 10 points.”

The team can collaborate and discuss the answer amongst themselves in the same 30 second time limit and if the answer is incorrect, she said the question is re-read for the other team.

However bonus questions are not repeated for the opposing team.

Each round is 12 questions.

Students who participated in the competition were Trenton Long (team captain), Jessica Schmidt, Marcus Fritton, Alex Meyer, Kylee Beyea, Gage Taylor, Rachel Rice, Roman Schmidt and Stuart Moore.

Other team members attending but not participating were Morgan Cardenas, Dominic Long, Remmy Rocha, and Julyssa Rocha. The remaining members are Nathan Belanger, Connor McCoy and Kaelyn Young.

Long described the Swedes as focused and well prepared.

“One of the highlights of the day was defeating Ogallala in sudden death,” she said.

The Swedes had the match in hand after seven questions 40-10. However, Ogallala scored 35 straight points.

“We had to answer the 12th and final toss-up question to tie the game at 45,” Long said.

Trenton Long then buzzed in with the right answer but the team couldn’t answer the bonus question so the match was ended in a tie, she explained.

Each match has an alternate question to be used in such an instance, or in the case of a question being thrown out.

Jessica Schmidt beat an Ogallala player to the buzzer and won the round for the Swedes, 50-45.

“Those kids celebrated like they’d just won a new car or something and it was just to advance to the championship round,” Long said.

The Swedes also participated in the Educational Service Unit #10 Academic Quiz Bowl Tournament at the University of Nebraska at Kearney on April 1.

Results by round were:

Gothenburg over Centura 30-15

Broken Bow over Gothenburg 20-0

Gothenburg over Wood River 45-0

Kearney Catholic over Gothenburg 25-5

All 16 team members attended and those competing were Trenton Long, Marcus Fritton, Jessica Schmidt, Alex Meyer, Kylee Beyea, Gage Taylor, Roman Schmidt, Julyssa Rocha, Remmy Rocha and Nathan Belanger.