Friday, June 22, 2018
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Gothenburg Trap Team

Gothenburg’s trapshooters kick off 2014 season with a ‘bang’ at Doniphan

DONIPHAN—Members of the Gothenburg Youth Trapshooting Club have been making big strides since the opening of the 2014 shooting season.

It began March 15 at the Mid-Nebraska Trapshooting Conference range in Doniphan with 14 conference teams participating. The first competition shoot drew 419 shooters.

In the senior division, Talbot Buchholz was Gothenburg’s high shooter breaking 45 of 50 rocks from the 16-yard line and 39 of 50 from the 23-yard handicap to finish with an overall score of 84 out of 100. Teammates Tyler Buesing, Joshua Reinhardt and Dalton Simants tied for second breaking 81 of 100 rocks each. High Gothenburg junior division shooter was Zach Rittgarn, hitting 42 of 50 rocks from the 16-yard line, followed by Zachary Maurer who was one rock out with 41 of 50.

Senior shooter Dalton Simants was Gothenburg’s high shooter on the second competition meet on March 22 where a total of 437 competitors braved bitter cold weather conditions.

Simants broke 41 of 50 rocks at the 16-yard line and 40 of 50 at the 21-yard handicap for an overall 81 of 100. Landon Johnson and Trace Mullen tied for second breaking 77 of 100 rocks. High Gothenburg junior division shooters were Zachary Maurer who hit 40 of 50 and Zach Rittgarn who broke 36 of 50 at the 16-yard line.

A total of 480 shooters competed at the range March 29 for the third shoot of the season including 300 senior division shooters and 180 junior division shooters. Sunny, strong south winds didn’t hamper Gothenburg’s Trap Club members who continued improving scores.

In the senior division, Tyler Buesing was Gothenburg’s high shooter breaking a perfect 50 of 50 rocks from the 16-yard line and 46 of 50 from the 25-yard handicap to finish with a 96 of 100 overall. Teammate Landon Johnson also shot a perfect 50 of 50 at the 16-yard line and 44 of 50 at the 25-yard handicap for a total of 94 of 100 rocks.

Buesing and Johnson both earned 25-straight and 50-straight awards. The two teammates also competed in a seven-way shootout to determine the conference high senior division male shooter, where Johnson finished as runner-up. Buesing went on to compete in a four-way shootout for high overall male runner-up and male champion of the conference.

Gothenburg’s senior team of Dalton Simants, Colby Simants, Tyler Buesing, Talbot Buchholz and Landon Johnson placed second in the conference for high overall team by shooting 242 of 250 rocks at the 16-yard line and an overall total of 461 of 500.

Weekly shoots will continue through April leading to the state competition May 1-3 at Doniphan.

The Gothenburg teams are coached this year by Larry Simants and Scott Simants with a total of 19 members, 12 senior division shooters and seven junior division shooters.