Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Local facility offers new program for elders

Hilltop Estates will care for older people for a day or longer.

Do you need to leave town but have to care for someone at home?

If so, Hilltop Estates in Gothenburg may have a solution.

In January, Hilltop began offering Elder Day Services to give caregivers a break from their responsibilities.

“If that person needs to continue working or needs time away we offer services that allow a family member to come here for the day,” said senior service representative Michelle Hecox.

Hilltop’s Elder Day Service is for adults and senior citizens that have cognitive or physical issues that caregivers are afraid to leave alone.

Hecox said services include meals, social interaction activities and a room assigned for rest for eight-hour days or extended time periods.

“They will be treated as in-house residents,” Hecox said.

Another benefit, Hecox said, is that the service could act as a trial to gain familiarity with its staff.

“This may be a way for families and individuals to give nursing homes a test drive,” she said. “It may make the transition into a full-time arrangement more harmonious.”

Hilltop offers a nursing staff filled with licensed registered nurses and certified nursing assistants that make sure individuals are involved on their daily visits, Hecox said.

How far away does Hilltop accept clients.?

There isn’t a boundary or service area limiting the program, Hecox said.

All Hilltop asks for is a 24-hour notice about an individual needing care.

Prices are based on an eight-hour day.

For more information or to sign someone up, call social worker Sonya Gugelman.

The service was sparked by a growing need and interest in such a program, Hecox said, because it isn’t offered anywhere else in the Gothenburg area.

Since the program began in January, there hasn’t been a client.

“The primary struggle is getting the word out about this new program,” Hecox said. “People don’t know that these options are available.”

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