Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Swedes finish fourth at state one acts Friday

Swede one-act director Lori Long couldn’t have asked for a better one-act play season.

Following the performances of six schools in Class B State Play Production in Norfolk Friday, Gothenburg High School’s “The Play Called Noah’s Flood” finished fourth.

York won the class and Omaha Concordia was second. Ogallala finished third followed by Gothenburg, Pierce and Bennington.

“Our kids improved each and

every performance, nearly every rehearsal,” Long said.

Co-director Erin Feather agreed, noting that Friday’s performance in the Johnny Carson Theatre was the best all year.

“They are a very special group with so much talent,” Feather said.

In all classes at state, Long said judges’ ranks and points “were all over the place.”

“It goes to show the quality of the competition...sometimes it’s so close, it just comes down to personal preference,” she said, noting that one of the three judges gave the Swedes first place while another ranked them sixth. “If we were to perform again—same plays, same location, same judges—the results would likely be totally different.”

Long noted that the seniors have been amazing.

“Our program is successful because of them and the groundwork they have prepared for the underclassmen that will hopefully keep our momentum

moving forward,” she said.