Friday, September 21, 2018
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Academic awards presented at BPS

Brady Public Schools wants  to recognize students who put forth a great effort in the classroom; not just on the court or field.
    Student of the Quarter is an award that has been given out in the past but this year it was part of a new “Academic Pep Rally,” headed by Principal Dana Reinke.
    In October, after the first quarter was completed, BPS held its first Academic Pep Rally to recognize several items. Sgt. O’Brien from the Army National Guard attended the rally to present the school with full-color banners of the football and volleyball teams. Sgt. O’Brien emphasized that these banners are available to be made for any organization, including academic ones.
    A representative from WalMart also attended to present the school with a $1,000 grant check that will be used to benefit students across all grade levels.
    In addition, students who placed highest and had the most improvement on the MAPS test were awarded for their efforts with a certificate and a Gatorade.
    Finally, students of the quarter were also announced. One students from each grade level was nominated by teachers based on overall character, responsibility and academics. A team of teachers and administrators then selected the Students of the Quarter from those nominations.
    These “Academic Pep Rallies” will be held quarterly to recognize those students who do an outstanding job in the classroom too.
    Honored Students
    Following are students from each grade that received the Student of the Quarter Award along with some comments their teachers included in their nominations.
    K—Chris Cemer.  There is rarely a day that Chris doesn’t have a smile on his face. Chris brings so much excitement to our classroom each day. He plays and works well with his classmates and is a good leader.
    1st—Preslee Bartels. Preslee always gives 100% on her work.  Her papers always show her best handwriting and coloring. She plays well with her friends and has a very kind heart.
    2nd—Anna Cemer. She is a class leader in participation, follows directions, is organized and takes her time to write neatly on her daily work.
    3rd—Austen Chestnutt. He completes his work neatly and conscientiously. He listens attentively and gives his best effort.  He is also a friendly and caring classmate.
    4th—Jacob Shaner. He’s always ready to answer if you have a question and turns his homework in. He follows directions and is a leader for his peers.
    5th—Gabby Christner. Gabby is a hard worker and is always on task. She is always willing to help other students and she works very well with everyone else.
    6th—Breck Jobman. Breck hands ALL homework in on time, works hard ALL the time and asks questions when he doesn’t understand something!
    7th—Adrianna Hild. She works hard and helps others when they are struggling. Additionally, she is respectful of herself and others, responsible and reliable.
    8th—Vanessa Myers. Vanessa has worked really hard on improving her math skills.  She has helped other students with math when they were struggling on problems.
    9th—Tyrell Rossman. He is a conscientious, dedicated, and engaged student.
    10th—Elysia Olguin. Not only does she have the creative talent, but she also has the dedication to see her project through to the very end.
    11th—Cody Most. Cody always comes to class with his assignment completed and is willing to help others. His sense of humor is a welcome addition to class.
    12th—Madison Elliot. Her writing is deep and thoughtful. She takes time to challenge her beliefs, values, and thoughts and is open to new ideas.  She is extremely respectful and always willing to help others. She is cool under pressure and willing to stand up for what she believes in.