Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Pooches in the park

Annual dog show kicks off 2013 Harvest Festival.

Panting dogs were not as evident as in past years at the annual Pooch Parade/Dog Show.

Temperatures last Thursday evening in Ehmen Park were a bit cooler than in past years.

Dubbed the pooch parade by the Gothenburg Chamber of Commerce—the event sponsor—dogs and their owners kick off the Harvest Festival.

This year, Chamber officials did not track which dog and owner won each category but a list of participants follows:

Small dogs

Susie shown by Teagen, Willow shown by Hayley Stevens, Jasmin shown by Patrick, Taz shown by Sydney Houchin, Squirt shown by Cinch Sanger, Archie shown by Hailey Steuben, Yzaya shown by Noah Hasenauer, Marlie shown by Ava Foster, Daisy shown by Sam & Jack Aden, Tilly shown by Ben Rickertsen, Cinch shown by Dallee Barnes, Lolli shown by Bug and Uriah Blauvelt

Large dogs

Jasper shown by Joseph and Ben Headley, Sam and Farley shown by Rebecca, Ace shown by Jax Rickertsen, Hiccup shown by Hayden Maline, Sofee shown by Dre Carthron, Buddy shown by Anna Cooper, K.T. shown by Xanthia Brian, Jock shown by Chloe Daharsh, Princess shown by Candace, Shylow shown by Candace Harms