Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Commissioners accept Cozad Telephone bid

Dawson County will buy a telephone system from Cozad Telephone for $114, 589.

During an Aug. 30 meeting, commissioners discussed the possibilities of installing a digital or voice over IP system (VOIP).

County clerk Karla Zlatkovsky and emergency manager Brian Woldt presented quotes and recommendations for a VOIP system at the meeting.

Initially, Zlatkovsky and Woldt recommended a digital phone system because of crashing concerns with the VOIP system.

Woldt said his concern was if the VOIP network goes down, the phones and computers wouldn’t work.

In the end, commissioners agreed on the VOIP system because of the uncertainty of the digital phone system lifespan and more-than-likely future upgrades.

Another benefit of Cozad Telephone, according to commission chair P.J. Jacobson, is the business’s location in Cozad and quality customer service.

On another matter, a Class B liquor license was approved for Jay Bros.

The truck stop is located south of Overton and hasn’t sold alcohol to farmers and commuters in the past, Lexington attorney Wes Lubberstedt said.

Parth Charhai, of Jay Radhe Inc. and owner of the Jay Bros., asked for the liquor license to sell beer.

“They come into the store looking to cool down and get something to drink,” Charhai said. “They leave when I don’t have beer to sell.”

Before the vote, Jacobson opened the request at a public hearing at which no one from the public spoke.

In other business, the board recognized Dawson County as livestock friendly.

“I feel like people in and around the county know that Dawson County is livestock friendly but this will allow people who are not from around here to know,” commissioner Butch Hagan said.

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