Monday, September 24, 2018
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District 20 enrollment hits 31-year high

The 939 students who reported to Gothenburg Public Schools last Thursday can be counted as a record high in the past 31 years.

Records show enrollment peaking at 900 in 2008 for the first time in 26 years.


This year’s figure is a 26-student jump compared to first-day enrollment figures in 2012.


Since then the number has remained fairly constant.

On Tuesday, superintendent Dr. Mike Teahon said enrollment, which is the highest in his 13 years as superintendent, had dropped to 937 which still looks promising for more state aid which is based partly on enrollment.

“It didn’t surprise us too much,” Teahon said. “We kept track of it during the summer.”

The lion’s share of growth occurred in the junior-senior high with an addition of 21 students.

Teahon said the increase created some scheduling issues and class sizes are larger.

Although enrollment can change dramatically when rosters are finalized, Teahon said the 937 number is probably “pretty close.”

The number of students on Friday, Sept. 27, will help determine the next state aid allocation as well as average daily membership throughout the year.

Topping the list as the biggest class this year, K-12, is the eighth grade which has 83 students.

Making up the second largest class is this year’s sixth graders who number 78.

The kindergarten class, which typically has 70-plus students, is the smallest with 59 students.

Interestingly, Teahon said 59 students graduated in May.

“Yet with the junior-senior high, enrollment is up,” he said.

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