Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Swedes finish second at Nebraska Duals

Filling weights makes difference.

COLUMBUS—In a dual wrestling meet, team points are won and lost at every weight.

Filling all 14 slots can make a huge difference as the Swede team learned during the two-day Nebraska Duals at Columbus over the weekend.

If a team leaves a weight open, the opponent automatically receives winning points.

“We took some lumps in a few spots,” said Gothenburg wrestling coach Eric Manstedt, “but we filled a full team. I can’t really believe we finished second.”

The Swedes won eight of 10 duals at the meet to place second in the team standings behind Millard South, a Class A school with champion or runner-up state trophies the past six years.

“We had a lot of kids come on strong,” Manstedt said. “I threw some younger guys to the wolves and they did real well.”

Junior Tanner Schwanz finished 9-1 in the 119-pound class losing only to Jake Miller of Millard South, a state runner-up last season.

Mitch Spiegel ended up 8-2 with losses to what Manstedt called tough opponents from Blue Valley, MO, and O’Neill.

Other Swedes didn’t win as many matches but showed improvement through the event.

“It’s such a grind,” Manstedt said. “Five matches in one day is a lot of wrestling. By the end of it, we were beat to death.”

But it’s the time on the mat and those sturdy opponents that provide necessary lessons for improvement.

“Sometimes you learn more from the matches you lose,” the coach said.

Now that the Swedes have second-place bragging rights from the Nebraska Duals, it’s back to work in the wrestling room before Gothenburg travels to Grand Island this weekend for the Flatwater Fracas, another two-day meet.

Manstedt said 20 teams are split into four pools of five each for the first day of wrestling.

Gothenburg will face Grand Island Northwest, Norfolk, Mitchell and Hastings on Friday in dual format.

Based on results of the dual action, schools are then divided into eight-team brackets for Saturday’s action.

This is the first year the Swedes have participated in this meet.

Manstedt said the two-day format with a high number of matches forces the wrestlers to keep their mental focus for long periods.

“It’s all about keeping your mind on your goals and continuing to push to where you want to go,” he said.

Wrestling begins Friday at the Heartland Event Center at 1 p.m. Saturday’s action starts at 10 a.m.

TEAM RESULTS: 1. Millard South; 2. Gothenburg; 3. (tie) David City, Blue Valley and O’Neill; 6. Neligh Oakdale; 7. Cozad; 8. Wayne; 9. Lutheran Northeast; 10. Omaha Bryan; 11. High Plains.

Round 1

Gothenburg 48 Neligh Oakdale 29

Round 2

Gothenburg 39 David City 35

Round 3

Blue Valley, MO 52 Gothenburg 30

Round 4

Gothenburg 54 Omaha Bryan 28

Round 5

Gothenburg 69 Lutheran Northeast 12

Round 6

Millard South 68 Gothenburg 9

Round 7

Gothenburg 42 Cozad 38

Round 8

Gothenburg 54 Wayne 30

Round 9

Gothenburg 48 O’Neill 27

Round 10

Gothenburg 60 High Plains 18


103—Mitchell Spiegel won by forfeit over Neligh Oakdale; won by forfeit over David City; pinned by Matt Paxton of Blue Valley in 16 seconds; won by forfeit over Omaha Bryan; won by forfeit over Lutheran Northeast; pinned Griggs of Millard South in 1:33; won by forfeit over Cozad; pinned Austin Frideres of Wayne in 1:14; lost 7-0 decision to Daniel Dominguez of O’Neill; pinned Brandon Burruss of High Plains in 1:42.

112—Dillon Larson won by forfeit over Neligh Oakdale; won by forfeit over David City; pinned by Geoff Wright of Blue Valley in 1:30; won by forfeit over Omaha Bryan; won by forfeit over Lutheran Northeast; pinned by Nathan Quandt of Millard South in 1:55; pinned by Logan Hunke of Cozad in 2:42; pinned Aaron Svenson of Wayne in 1:40; pinned by Nathan Wabs of O’Neill in 1:08; pinned by Steven Thies of High Plains in 1:45.

119—Tanner Schwanz pinned Ty Klabenes of Neligh Oakdale in 1:44; won by forfeit over David City; pinned Jacob Parise of Blue Valley in 1:23; pinned Sam Sidzyik of Omaha Bryan in 2:14; pinned Cameron White of Lutheran Northeast in 57 seconds; lost 20-4 technical fall to Jake Miller of Millard South; pinned Nick Cullers of Cozad in 1:08; pinned Garrett Vawser of Wayne in 1:30; pinned Tony Hipke of O’Neill in 1:30; won by forfeit over High Plains.

125—Justin Larson pinned by Zach Kester of Neligh Oakdale in 5:26; won 10-4 decision over Nathan Styskal of David City; pinned Steve Kerns of Blue Valley in 3:24; pinned Andrew Grasen of Omaha Bryan in 1:13; pinned Nicholas Willia of Lutheran Northeast in 4:39; lost 11-2 decision to Jordan Thiesen of Millard South; pinned by Caleb Lucero of Cozad in 1:11; pinned by Roman Roberts of Wayne in 3:40; pinned Tyler Hipke of O’Neill in 1:05; pinned Trevor Osantows of High Plains in 2:27.

130—Bryce Eggleston pinned Kolton Kneivel of Neligh Oakdale in 1:11; won by forfeit over David City; pinned by Conner Grantham of Blue Valley in 1:06; pinned by Jerimiah Fergus of Omaha Bryan in 22 seconds; pinned Andrew Kander of Lutheran Northeast in 2:50; pinned by Kelson Owings of Millard South in 1:59; pinned by Colton Derr of Cozad in 1:37; won by forfeit over Wayne; won by forfeit over O’Neill; pinned Tanner Fate of High Plains in 2:56.

135—Chris Hyde pinned Taylor Smith of Neligh Oakdale in 2:59; won by forfeit over David City; pinned by O’Grady of Blue Valley in 4:24; lost 12-3 major decision to Sean Eckland of Omaha Bryan; pinned Blake Zessin of Lutheran Northeast; pinned by Dakota Showaltor of Millard South in 30 seconds; won by forfeit over Cozad; pinned by Logan Owens of Wayne in 3:15; pinned Tate Laursen of O’Neill in 2:42; pinned Lane Church in 34 seconds,

140—Kyle Kleinknecht pinned Taylor Drury of Neligh Oakdale in 2:59; lost 12-3 major decision to Steven Varela of David City; pinned by Erker of Blue Valley in 1:51; lost 8-0 decision to Anthony Kuhl of Omaha Bryan; pinned by Jay Wolff of Lutheran Northeast in 4:27; pinned by Derek Roach of Millard South in 1:35; lost 17-0 technical fall to Kyle Carlson of Cozad; won by forfeit over Wayne; pinned by Sam Gillham of O’Neill in 4:54; lost 8-4 decision to Ian Carlson of High Plains.

145—Tyler Block lost 20-4 technical fall to Alex Heithoff of Neligh Oakdale; pinned by Tanner Wemhoff of David City in 31 seconds; pinned by Swikard of Blue Valley in 14 seconds; pinned Trevor Marco of Omaha Bryan in 1:00; pinned Chase Winter of Lutheran Northeast in 5:49; pinned by Tyler Tanecek of Millard South in 18 seconds; pinned by Bernardo Revelo of Cozad in 4:50; won by forfeit over Wayne; lost 22-16 decision to Angel Rodriguez of O’Neill; pinned by Tanner Hannappe of High Plains in 2:20.

152—Alex McClement pinned by Dillon Delaney of Neligh Oakdale in 1:40; pinned by Dehart of Blue Valley in 1:04; pinned by Collier Miller of Lutheran Northeast in 1:25; won by forfeit over Cozad; pinned by Alejandro Vergain of O’Neill in 2:26.

152—Aaron Lauer pinned by Aaron Rerucha of David City in 35 seconds; pinned by Jake Gates of Omaha Bryan in 5:42; pinned by J.J. Zepka of Millard South in 5:10; won by forfeit over Wayne; pinned Josh Reyner of High Plains in 3:39.

160—Kyle Demoret lost 6-5 decision to Spencer Smith of Neligh Oakdale; lost 16-7 major decision to Derek Worm of David City; pinned Eric Wassel of Blue Valley in 4:58; pinned Andrew Ciurej of Omaha Bryan in 1:40; pinned Zach Krei of Lutheran Northeast in 31 seconds; lost 18-3 technical fall to Tyler Stender of Millard South; pinned Chris Dinges of Cozad in 1:26; pinned by Riley McManus in 1:38; pinned Kurtis Mlinar of O’Neill; won by forfeit over High Plains.

171—Cameron Frazho lost 8-5 decision to Garret Chance of Neligh Oakdale; lost 11-3 major decision to Gage Daro of David City; pinned by Matt McKinnis of Blue Valley in 2:36; won by forfeit over Omaha Bryan; won 7-4 decision over Andrew Workman of Lutheran Northeast; pinned by Conner Barrientos of Millard South in 2:50; won by forfeit over Cozad; pinned by Jarred Klassen of Wayne in 1:44; pinned Morgan Sterns of O’Neill in 35 seconds; won by forfeit over High Plains.

189—Tre Ostergard pinned by Preston Smith of Neligh Oakdale in 4:53; pinned by Lucas Kastl of David City in 43 seconds; lost 11-1 major decision to Pat McCann of Blue Valley; pinned Emerson Lopez of Omaha Bryan in 3:18; pinned Tyler Pflueger of Lutheran Northeast in 1:33; lost forfeit to Large King of Millard South; lost by forfeit to Cozad; pinned Drew Loberg of Wayne in 2:20; pinned Chase Sholes of O’Neill in 1:34; won by forfeit over High Plains,

215—Tommy France pinned Chad Henn of Neligh Oakdale in 14 seconds; pinned by Jacob Schwartz of David City in 3:42; won by forfeit over Blue Valley; pinned Cameron Davis in 53 seconds; pinned Cady Lehman of Lutheran Northeast in 1:55; pinned by Sheldon Garcia of Millard South in 1:36; pinned Daniel Chacon of Cozad in 1:59; pinned Shawn Davie of Wayne in 1:07; pinned Ron Sterns of O’Neill in 1:59; lost 4-1 decision to Jason Church of High Plains.

285—Dane Ehlers pinned Dereck Delaney of Neligh Oakdale in 4:56; pinned Branden Barta of David City in 3:03; won by forfeit over Blue Valley; pinned by Kevin Peaks of Omaha Bryan in 4:57; pinned Clay Morris of Lutheran Northeast in 1:45; lost 2-1 decision to Vince Buencostco of Millard South; lost 4-3 overtime decision to Pedro Garcia of Cozad; pinned by Jorge Dunklau of Wayne in 1:38; lost 2-1 decision to Matt Maloun of O’Neill; pinned Kyle Beck of High Plains in 46 seconds.

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